So there you are, no focus, no idea what to write about. This is where I come in. I'd like to help you get writing ideas and spark some creativity. I've been known as "the one who always has a pen in her hand and a story in her heart!" We all have creativity in there, its just buried deeper in some than others. I can help bring out the story writer in you and get you some writing ideas. Ready? Here goes!

Things You Will Need




Quiet Place



Step 1

Join a group of writers, even if its just online. This will help you bounce story ideas off of them and in turn you will get ideas. There are several to choose from including and, just to name a few.

Step 2

Stop negative self talk and comments. Furthermore, if someone does not share your passion for creativity or your desire to write, then do not discuss this with them or ask them to read your work. It will only stop the flow of ideas for your writing and spur self doubt. If doubts creep back in, simply say to yourself something like, "I'm getting there."

Step 3

See a movie. That's right, sometimes when you see a story come to life on the screen, complete with music and your favorite actors, there's no telling what could happen. This is not to tell you to copy their story, but rather let it be an inspiration to let your imagination out to play. Just get it down on paper, you can always revise and reformat the story later on.

Step 4

Sit down with some music, pad of paper, computer or notebook and write down as many ideas as come to mind. Do this whenever inspiration hits, even if you have to scribble it on scratch paper at work or on the back of a receipt. You can also record ideas into your cell phone as they hit.

Step 5

Try writing in different venues such as in a lawnchair by the lake, in a park, in your own backyard or even in the dark. I have found I write better at night than in broad daylight. People are more likely to share things they would not during the day. Nothing inappropriate, just more self revealing.

Step 6

Start with your hopes and dreams, and then add "what if..." What if I could direct a popular band? What if I could run a marathon? What if I could get through the day without a child screaming?

Or take on the world, nation or state's problems. These will give you a ton of ideas.

Whatever you decide to write about, make sure it is something you are knowledgeable about and are passionate about. If it is a subject you like, but are unfamiliar with everything, go to the library and do your homework. Do not limit yourself to following the rules, the greatest pieces ever written did not follow the rules much of the time. Happy writing!

Tips & Warnings

Try to write in different spaces, places and times.

Do not share your writing unless you choose to.

If you are going to publish it someday in print, do not post online.