Traveling The World Without Paying for it

No More Excuses


If you have always wanted to travel, but could never justify spending the high prices to get where you were going, then you are like millions of other people.  That warm sunny beach just seems out of reach as well as that fall trip to Paris.  If you could get all of your flights and hotel stays paid for without spending a dime would you?  The opportunity to do just that is a real possibility for just about everyone reading this article.

                                                    Playing the Game

      Knowing how credit card companies work is essential to understanding how to get free travel.  How do these companies make money?  They make money on interest charged to consumers and the fees charged to merchants that accept their cards.  When you operate a business on margin, volume is definitely your friend.  The way to get volume is to get more and more people to use the cards.  By enticing potential customers with introductory offers these card companies can gain a customer for life who makes them money at the register and from interest.  If you are wise and can flip the tables on them, it will be you who benefits in the end.

   Reaping the Rewards

       It is not uncommon for those who dedicate the time necessary to reap the full benefit of credit card rewards to have millions of airline and hotel miles.  How is this possible?  The name of the game is called churning.   Finding and benefiting from large introductory offers from volumes of card companies can net you dozens of free flights and stays per year, but you have to know where to look.  Make a list of all the major airline carriers that you have access to at your airport.  Then take those names and search for them against the major card company players such as Chase, Citi Bank, and American Express.  You will find many offers for free flights and hotel stays for opening up a line of credit. 

Knowing the Score

       In order to gain the full benefit of these offers, it is essential to know the way the score is kept.  Do these offers have a minimum spending requirement prior to granting the rewards?  If so you will need to plan ahead to meet this minimum without spending on items you wouldn't have already.  This can mean paying utility bills and other monthly necessities with your card to meet the requirements.  Keep track of your offers closely and make sure to follow up with the card companies once you have achieved the goal.  Often times if you are married you and your spouse can double up on offers by getting a card in both of your names.  

The Sky is the Limit

    The final step in this process is to get busy spending your miles.  Many airlines and hotels have different options for redemption so look closely at the different choices as it may save you time and points.  With reward point redemption it works very similar to how travel is booked with cash.  You may have to book farther out than you would prefer but on the same token if your dates are flexible redemption rates go down and become more available in the week prior to departure date. Don't get greedy with your points, there will always be more offers and promotions that you can take advantage of.  See the world, or just visit those friends you never see, with free miles and rewards the sky is the limit.