You decide you want your ex back after the relationship is over. Do you really miss your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend, or do you just need someone special to share your life?

Most relationships suffer from problems at times; some strong marriages have withstood issues that would break apart people with a less solid bond. Relationships involve giving and taking, but that doesn't mean the same person always gives and the other one takes! The differences between men and women require us to learn how to live in harmony.

Choosing with whom to share your life is a major decision. In the early stages of a relationship, sexual attraction can hamper judgment, and, surprisingly, many couples forge into a long term situation before they know enough about each other. Seemingly small details, such as where you'd like to live and how many children you want, can be forgotten as emotions run high.

Understanding why you ended the relationship is important. For example, if one person wanted children and the other didn't, that opinion will likely stay the same. You will probably not stay together for the long haul if such an issue exists. Coercing someone to have a child they do not want does not foster a lasting, happy relationship. If you and your prospective partner feel differently about a major life choice, you should keep looking until you find a more compatible person to fall in love with.

Some people get back together with an ex just because their afraid of being alone and don't think they'll be able to find someone new. This is understandable, but not a good reason to stay in a relationship. Meeting men and meeting women is actually much easier than you might think, and provides for a much healthier and happier social life down the road. If you've decided that you and you're ex aren't compatible with each other and it's time to move on, you should use this oppurtunity to meet new people, date as many as you can, and have fun. Focus on yourself and your own happiness rather than seeking out a new relationship. When you meet the right person you'll know it.