Banners Broker is an amazing business opportunity where you invest in advertisement to rent out space so people can advertise their businesses.  The ability to earn with this investment is awesome.  Growing your business is easier with referrals on your team to help it build.

Telling your friends about this business is a great idea and a great way to get referrals on your team.  You have an advantage here because you can show them the screen shots and proof of how much you are making.  They can be with you when you withdraw the money so they can see that this is a legit online money making business.  Once your friends get word of how this amazing business works, they will tell their friends and it will create this large string of people.  The more people that know about this, the more opportunities you have to earn.  The reason for this is because if someone under you invites a friend and they renew their panels, the person under you can renew their panels which allows you to renew yours.  Every referral under someone is extremely helpful. Find out what traffic means and how to get it here: Getting Traffic to Banners Broker

Advertise on Craigslist as a job opportunity.  Since this is a real business you can advertise it as one.  Start with an attention getter to grab the viewer’s attention.  For an example, you could ask if they are interested in making a set amount of money each week or each month.  The reader is likely to find out more details.  If you do this though, make sure it doesn't sound like spam.  You don't want your reader thinking this is some scam and not to get more information about Banners Broker.  The last thing you want to do is drive people away from this amazing business opportunity.  Advertise that there is a job position available and help is wanted.

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Posting Youtube videos is another great way to get Banners Broker referrals.  You have the opportunity to show the entire world the proof of your earnings so they can join your team.  Many people show day by day earnings so that others can see the difference in earnings and how it starts to double.  If you have a good amount of followers, they will likely be impressed if they have been following you since day 1.

Using the back office within Banners Broker is smart because there are videos and testimonials you can send to people who are interested in joining Banners Broker.  This makes it a lot less confusing when trying to explain the business.

Getting referrals will help your business grow very quickly.  When your referrals qualify their panels it will help you so you are able to qualify your panels.  This means you can make money and earn quickly.

Banners Broker is really starting to grow and it is a good idea to get into this program soon before it gets too big.  They are predicting that one day Banners Broker is going to be as big as Google.  Think of how much you would be making now if you had invested in Google when it first started.