Get Better Credit Card RatesGetting better credit card rates may seem impossible. With today's economic situation it would be easy to dismiss our chances to get a better deal. You won't know until you ask, and you do have to ask.

Things You Will Need

Your credit card information
Internet service

Step 1

Gather your credit card information. You may think trying to get a better credit card rate is a waste of time. Well, most of us have more time than money-so if you have credit card debt, use your time wisely, and get a better rate. Once you have all of your credit card information together, list the cards from the highest interest rate paid to the lowest.

Step 2

Learn about other credit card offers. If you want a better credit card rate you should be informed about what is going on in the industry. Go online to see what offers are available for the average person. If you sign on to one of your credit card sites and see applications online for 0%, 4%, or anything lower than what you pay, make a note of this. Use this information when speaking to your creditors.

Step 3

Exercise patience when you are making calls. You might get a better credit card rate if you speak correctly. If you can't get results from the first person you talk to, ask to speak to a supervisor or manager. When told you will just receive the same answer, state that you still would like to speak with someone on the next level. Of course, there are instances where the credit card company or bank is not able to budge. This is okay. Just take a deep breath and move on to the next credit card provider. ‚ ‚

Call every credit card company you have on your list. Don't stop asking for a better credit card rate until you have at least one success. If you have called everyone and still don't get the answer you want, do it again in one week. Even if you have made some of your payments late most creditors will budge a little. If you are able to get a 22% card down to 18% you have been successful. Every little bit does count when it comes to saving money.

Tips & Warnings

Don't become stressed while trying to get that better credit card rate. Just about the entire world is in the situation you are in. Do what you can, and move on.