Due to the internet, getting commercial truck insurance has become as easy as a click of a button. Almost all of the companies providing commercial trucking insurance have websites where you can go and get free quotes. This helps you in getting a fair idea of what premiums and services are available in the market. As a result of a booming industry and substantial market competition, truck insurance companies are willing to give you affordable quotes that suit your budget.

Getting different truck insurance quotes from different companies also helps you gain more bargaining power to make a better deal for yourself. Insurance companies sometimes give additional incentives to sign up with them to make the deal sweeter for you. You just have to make sure that the deal you are signing up with covers you in your field of work.

Commercial trucking insurance is divided into two sections, truck liability and general liability.

A liability that protects you from damage or injuries to other people due to a truck accident is called truck liability. This is also called primary liability. The State and Federal agencies have made is mandatory to have truck liability as an important part of truck insurance.

Generally the coverage is limited to all scheduled vehicles, i.e. if there are any changes to the vehicles they won't be covered. Thus, it is very important that you stay in constant touch with your broker in order to update him on any changes.

For a larger fleet of vehicles, it is better to get a different policy, one that covers all the vehicles and that insurers you for your use of owned, non-owned, hired vehicles, subcontracted vehicles, even for the use of private passenger type vehicles.

General liability covers you against other liabilities and can be business specific. The standard policy usually covers all general business operations but any additional liabilities will be added on to the policy at a separate cost. Some of the different liabilities are physical damage; this covers your truck and your trailer against repair and replacement in case of collision, fire, and theft, natural disasters such as hail, windstorm, earthquake, flood, mischief, or vandalism; motor trucking, covers you against any loss or damage to goods, trailer interchange covers you against loss or damage to non-owned trailers and equipment and non-trucking liability which covers you against protection when the owner-operator is not on dispatch, nor pulling a loaded trailer.

Before signing on with any truck company, it is your responsibility to ensure that what the company is offering covers you in all aspects of your business.