The process of growing dreadlock requires an great amount of patients and it can be frustrating waiting for your dreadlocks to tighten and mature. However here are in my opinion the three best ways to speed up and encourage the formation of your dreadlocks.   


Make Sure They Are Clean

Keeping your dreadlocks clean will ensure that they remain grease free which aims to increase the friction between the strands of hair. This will encourage the formation of new knots while also tightening existing ones. While washing new dreadlocks be careful not to pull any dreads apart while applying or rinsing shampoo and ensure that your shampoo choice contains minimal or no residue. After washing your dreads are still damp, rolling each dread between your hands can also help to tie in any loose hair to the centre of dread.

Salt Water Spray

Fill a spray bottle with a mixture of sea salt and water and spray your dreadlocks on a weekly basis. For the first time you choose to do this use a very weak solution with little salt to test whether it will irritate your scalp. When applying the spray it is important to hold your head upside down so that the spray only comes in direct contact with your dreads and not your scalp as it may cause your head to itch. The sea salt solution works to dry out your locks and again help to maximise the friction between the hair stands. I would recommend only continue to use this method if you receive no irritation of your scalp. The key to healthy dreadlocks is having a healthy scalp, so if your head isn’t happy with what you’re putting on it then it could lead to developing problems such as dandruff, which no body want to provoke.     

Always Palm Roll

Try to roll your dreadlocks between your palms whenever you get chance. The constant movement that this provides will greatly help to tighten your locks. Also try to play and twist your hair whenever you get chance, this could be while reading a book late in the evening or watching television. The more time you can spend doing this the better.    

Get a Crotchet Hook 

Get hold of a thin crotchet needle with a pointed end. Push the needle through the centre of the dread and use it to pull any loose hairs on the outside back through the dread. This method can be very beneficial in tiding the appearance of your dreads. The crotchet method is also a great way to tackle any loops of imperfections developing in the dreadlock as it mature.


dread loop

By following these tips of at regular intervals it should decrease the time taken for your dreadlocks to start looking really good. I say should because it is important to remember that no two people are the same and there are no governed set rules with dreadlocks and these are maintenance tips which I myself found to work well.