Getting fit and saving the planet is something you can start today!

Have you been trying to figure out what you can do to be apart of the green movement? At the same time you have also have been trying to get fit and lose the love handles or the belly?

Then today is your first day.

One study shows that if you are generally fit into your 50's that you are likely to get to 85 in good health. So, if you are older and think it is too late to start getting fit, then you are mistaken.

Get a checkup and make sure everything is good. Even if you are not in the best of health, your doctor is likely going to give you the OK for some gentle exercise. If you have been a couch potato and a desk jockey for years, then you should not suddenly leap up and try and run a marathon, or do the latest aerobic dance. You need to start gently.


That being said, the first step, is to just walk. If you live in the suburbs and thought nothing of jumping in your car to go to the store, then try walking it. If it is a little too far just yet. Work your way up to it. Start today by telling yourself you are going to walk around the block.

Once you have that mastered and you try and do this every day, then you can start to go further. By walking to as many destinations a you possibly can, you are also doing your bit to stay "green" and save the planet. The less times you start that car up the better. The more times you use your "human power" the better for the planet and those love handles.

So, if you thought you could not do much to help, then you are sadly mistaken. If you can work up to a one hour a day walk, you could lose on average of 26 pounds per year without changing one bite of food. Now how is that for easy weight loss?

If you want to speed things up a bit, then after about a month of walking, you could add some zip to your step. Maybe start to jog, or carry a heavier back pack. Walk to the library and take those heavy books with you in a back pack. This will cause your body to work harder.

Or find a new route with hills for your walks. Get your heart going and break into a sweat. This will help to burn calories faster and help you with your getting fit program.

After you have that mastered, you can then add some strength training. At home, try lifting some 5 pound weights while on that couch. Or really put some muscle behind the housework. Really push that broom, or lift that laundry basket.. Make your body work hard at anything you do for the added benefits of exercise and weight loss.

Next take your chemical cleaners to the recycling part of your dump. They should have a hazardous waste section where they can safely get rid of your old cleaners. Then go and pick up some of these new "green cleaners" or make your own with baking soda and vinegar.

Now you have done three things to save the planet and your body. Getting fit, less driving, a naturally clean house. Now just think how much this will help if your entire neighborhood did this.