Horizon EX-59 elliptical trainer

The Horizon EX-59 elliptical trainer will easily become your best friend if you are seriously on your way to health and fitness. This SIXstar certified trainer is packed with all the features you will want in a trainer and more, and is designed to give you a total body workout that will have you in top physical form in no time.


10 Program Options

You can choose among ten programs, which include three targets, three workouts, and one custom workout. You can make more changes by upping or lowering the intensity depending on your fitness levels. The most popular options are hill, weight loss and reverse train.

Sonic surround speakers

You can enjoy great quality music while working out with the MP3 input, which allows you to play the songs in your player. Sonic surround speakers deliver high quality music. You can also use the headphone output if you are not working out alone.

SIXstar Certification

If you have read other elliptical and treadmill reviews you will know that this certification tells a lot about the quality of a machine. This is perhaps your best assurance that you are getting a quality elliptical trainer. The SIXstar certification is given after biomechanics research and user testing and utilizes criteria composed of six important elements to determine the efficiency, ergodynamics, comfort, and safety of the equipment. The Straight UP body posture ensures that the placement of the parts of the machine facilitates the right body position for maximum comfort and the least amount of fatigue. This is further enhanced by the Stride and Pedal System, which are designed to accurately match the user’s natural motion for maximum comfort and safety. The machine also comes with a 10-inch step-on height, which makes getting on and off the machine safe for users of any size and height.


Controls are located on the console and are composed of the 14.3-pound flywheel, which make’s smooth and fluid movements easy. The magnetic brake resistance is notably quiet. You can adjust your activity according to the 10 intensity levels, and the display shows your heart rate and other work out feedback.


One of the best things about the Horizon EX-59 elliptical trainer is that Johnson Health Tech, one of the biggest makers of training equipment, makes it so you already know that you have one quality piece of machinery on your hands. The next best thing is the ease of assembly. Even girls can put the trainer together by themselves. Parts that need lubrication are already pre-greased, and all it takes is to simply attach a few screws, nuts and bolts.

The thoughtfulness that came with designing the machine is remarkable. There are water holders on either side, and there is even a place for a book at the center of the console. Two smaller holders allow you to keep smaller items like your phone or jewelry in reach.


Some users are quite disappointed with the console, which they say can be a bit primitive since there are no settings aside from resistance and the programs. The console also does not come with an On/Off switch, so the constant plugging and unplugging that users are required to do may be a bit bothersome. Larger users often complain of lack of stability since the machine tends to rock especially if you increase the intensity. However, you can add more stability by placing the machine on a non-slip mat, which can also reduce the noise and vibration.