Disability is something that none of us would want to think about even though it is a possibility in our future especially for employees who are exposed to dangerous workplace conditions. Workers can prepare for this condition that will affect their way of earning income by making monthly payments of the social security taxes.

For those who do not meet the requirements needed to receive benefits from Social Security Disability Insurance of workers, then, they can file for disability benefits under the Supplemental Security Income.

Unfortunately, not all eligible applicants get their disability benefits under these programs handled by the Social Security Administration. These people are encouraged to find good disability lawyer in Los Angeles who can help them in the appeals process. These lawyers will:

  • Review the case and determine why the initial application has been rejected
  • Assist in filing the necessary documents to begin the appeal
  • Enlighten the client why he is eligible to receive the disability benefits
  • Help the client in determining pieces of evidence that will prove the eligibility for benefits
  • Assist in how the client should answer queries made by the agency
  • Represent you in hearings before the ALJ

A good disability lawyer will help a disabled worker in the appeals process to acquire the much-needed benefit after his application has been rejected by the Social Security Administration. Also, beneficiaries of Supplemental Security Income will be advised by these lawyers of what they can do to prove their eligibility for the benefits they are seeking.


Workers whose initial application for Social Security Disability Insurance are rejected often apply for Supplemental Security Income thinking that SSA will come up with the same decision once they've filed an appeal.

This decision will jeopardize the amount of benefits they will receive because:

  • Benefits from SSDI is relatively higher as compared to benefits under SSI
  • SSDI benefits can be transferred to children and even spouses
  • Social security taxes payments will be wasted if the benefits will not be received.

Each time they reject an applicant, the agency states the reason for it. Be sure to understand why your claim for the disability benefits has been rejected.

Also, they inform the rejected applicants the proper way to file an appeal if they can prove their eligibility. Be wise and be sure to understand these procedures by consulting with a Los Angeles disability lawyer in your area.