Interesting Halloween costumes are a must if you actually want to get noticed on the big day. This is important just because often times everyone's in costume. So if you're finally going to win the best dressed award you really need to put a little bit of extra thought into it. This is also a great opportunity to make your own or create special pieces for your kids that are really outside the norm. It's also a great opportunity to take photos and make lasting memories.

You can really play around with the idea of current events. This could be movie characters or politicians. Often times these masks come out quite quickly after someone gains notoriety. You will need to be aware that a lot of the more popular or talked about celebrities or politicians are really going to be seen en mass. You should find different ways to use this idea or get a pun across if you decide to go this way. At the same time, it allows you to create a topic of conversation, although depending on where you're going such as a work party you need to make sure that you aren't too controversial.

You can also just change up traditional costumes. This is great if you have a certain dream that you never got to fulfill as a kid. However, it will need to be a lot more sophisticated. For women this means changing up the skirt length and going for a better fit. You can also go with a much more convincing look. This can be scary or even more subtle.

Play off a pun. This is something that people are going to have to initially think about when they first see you. It's a conversation starter, because most people are going to be like "What are you?" This can be something simple such as a needle in haystack. Really go through the clichés or an old adage that you use everyday and find one that's economical. You can incorporate a lot of the items that you may already own to save a lot of money on your costume.

It's also really important to pay attention to detail. This is especially vital if you're going with a costume that a lot of other people are going to be wearing such as a princess or a witch. You might want to go with a higher-quality item or just change up the color palette. Another option would be to just go with a very historical piece. This gives you the chance to get very quality items that maybe you don't even find in a costume store. Instead, you can just get them at a thrift store or even at online auctions to really get an authentic look.

Work with what you've got. This is especially vital if you have a lot of costumes that you need to create. Just gather up items from your garage, attic, or craft room. Put them in a pile and think about what you can make. This also helps you to clear out your home although you'll probably need a little paint or fabric to get a convincing look from found objects.