What Do You Think About Insurance for Your Face or Insurance for Your Bottom?

There is only one reason to get face or butt insurance. If you are famous, maybe you need this. Everyone else should save their money. If you are JLO, maybe you need butt insurance. If you are a model, maybe you need face insurance. Most people don't need this.

I think insurance for your face and bottom is pratical if its your asset. If you use your face are bottom to make money its a good idea to have it insured. Just like your car are home it has a lot of value to you so you insure it. Kim Kardashian is a great example her bottom is her main asset and money maker so she has it insured. If something happens and she can't use it to make money she will get paid for her lose.

Having insurance for your face and bottom would not occur as a neccesity to most people but if a good looking face or bottom is essential to your job it may be worth considering. I feel that if it's in the interest of your livelihood and not just personal vanity then it's not that big of a deal, just something that is protecting one's income. However some of the amounts people have their face and bottom insured for are ridiculous. How can someone's feature be worth millions?

I fail to see the practicality of face and bottom insurance for the general public. It may be a good idea for those who's faces and bottoms are a large part of their ability to support themselves. For instance face insurance makes sense for a fashion model, and bottom insurance could be useful for them as well. There are a few "personalities" well known for their bottoms as well.

Why insure just parts? The whole body needs insurance. If someone offered this to me, I'd make sure they needed it themselves. Instead of wasting money of this, I think I would by an autographed photo of Ernest Borgnine wearing a g-string. And it would n't even be his signature.


What Do You Think of Getting Insurance for Your Gold Teeth?

I've got two gold crowns, and I've had them for ten years. I don't think I need protection for them, as they're in there pretty securely. Plus, I don't live in a place where people would rob me for the gold in my mouth. So it seems a little excessive. I'd rather insure a car, or a home instead. It feels like a more useful form of insurance. I can't imagine who would insure the teeth in their mouth, since crowns are well made these days

Teeth break. They get chipped. Even if you try to be careful chewing, it still happens. If you paid a lot of money for gold teeth. Teeth insurance is a necessary thing for you!

If I had precious metals in my mouth I'd get insurance on them. What if someone hits you over the head and takes the gold in your mouth? How are you going to pay to replace the expensive item. With insurance. That way you have piece of mind that your gold was safe in case anything ever happened to you. plus, you'll have the teeth for the rest of your life. Might as well get insurance to protect them.

I think insurance for your gold teeth is not something that is a great idea. I believe insurance for all type of things but regarding something such as gold teeth I would not. I only have one arguable but somewhat convincing point of view. Yes damage happens and things happen but as things happend so do insurance fraud. With the idea of gold this could become a scheme of selling for value and claiming on insurance, it seems that it would be a bad idea in my opnion.