What Do You Think About Getting Insurance for Pet Gold Fish?

Getting insurance for a pet goldfish is indeed a very strange idea. Goldfish are very inexpensive, and often die quickly. Since they are so inexpensive, it would be much easier and perhaps cheaper to purchase another goldfish after your previous one has died. This reminds me of the Monty Python skit where John Cleese wants to buy a license for his pet halibut. Not exactly the same thing, but it still reminds me of it.

Life seems to be wonderful with me and Spunkie, my pet goldfish. It has always been a dream of mine to find some sort of insurance for the little guy. Yes, I had to get ready for all the laughs, but they will also have to be ready for all the crying I have to offer. Showing up to Farmer's Insurance, I asked if they were able to insure my goldfish. They gave me a big smile and said, "of course we can!" I was so happy for myself! What a beautiful day it was, till I awoke. I am 30, single, and live with my mother.

While insurance for pets may sometimes be a reasonable and prudent strategy for pet owners, one must wonder about this strategy for the insuring agency when insuring pet gold fish. First, the size of tank or container available for the fish may not meet minimum standards for raising gold fish. Second, the appropriate food may not be provided. Third, the temperature of the water may not be appropriate for the needs of the gold fish. Fourth, the location of the tank may place the container and its contents in jeopardy of being knocked over. Fifth, the fish may be located where predators have access to it. Sixth, the value of the gold fish would need to be sufficient to make such insurance practical. In essence, insuring gold fish may be a good strategy for the owner, but it would likely have questionable value for the insurer who must verify and perhaps arbitrate the value of the pet.

I think pet insurance is just a waste of money. If the gold fish died or get sick, just get a new one. It is cheap and no hassle. So why getting an insurance for pet gold fish if the owner itself doesn't have an insurance? Just take good care of your pet and you can have a healthy pet.

Health insurance for a cat, dog, snake? Sure, I would pay a monthly premium for health insurance for my dog. Health insurance for a goldfish? Now that is just taking things too far. That fish would need to have real gold on his scales before I would consider insuring his health

What Do You Think About Pet Insurance?

I have a yellow lab named Jack. I treat him like my child. I think pet insurance is a great idea. Every trip I've made to the vet that has cost at least $100. The medication for him is outrageous too! Sometimes I think medical care for my dog is more than I can afford.

You never know when something bad is going to happen to your pet. It could be a life threatening illness or poisoning, an outdoor accident or even an indoor incident. If something were to happen to your pet today, are you prepared to spend hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars to save your best friends life? Generally, emergency clinics require you to pay up front, on the spot, before they will make any effort to save your pets life. This is a harsh statement, but this is the truth I have twice been presented with, over the years. Fortunately, I had the needed funds at the time, $650 the first time and $1600 the second, but what if I hadn't? Once your pet has been saved, they have little recourse in forcing you to pay for their exorbitant fees. The ten or twelve dollars a month to maintain pet insurance is a fraction of the cost for almost any emergency treatment, regardless of the degree. Also, if your pet develops cancer or one of many deadly diseases, costs can run in the thousands of dollars, for years. Pet insurance is one of the best things you can buy to protect your pet and yourself.

We received pet insurance when we bought our dog. I had never heard of pet insurance and was unaware it even existed. About a week after having her she became sick and we needed to get her to the vet. We found a vet that took the insurance and immediately took her there. The insurance covered most of the visit and reduced the cost of her medicine. I like that one small payment a month helps for future costs. I don't know how I would have gotten the money to cover all the expenses without it.

I pay $40 a month for my dog's insurance. It is a tremendous relief knowing that I can take him the vet whenever needed at little or no cost. There are co-pays, but they are often low, especially compared to what I would have to pay out of pocket. I have used it for two emergency visits this summer - once for an open wound and once for a sprained tail. I have been unemployed for quite a while and was panicked about the cost, but was relieved that the only thing I paid for was the prescriptions.

I think that pet insurance is a very good idea. We have insurance to protect the rest of our family, why not our pets? They are like part of the family to most people. Also, when pets are injured or get sick, it can cost a lot of money to make them well. Some people are only left with the option to put their beloved pet to sleep because they are unable to pay for their vet bills. Pet insurance helps people to keep their pets healthy and safe.