Yeah, poetry the language of love, passion, anger, and pretty much any other intense emotion we experience over the coarse of our lives. It's a form of writing that can take you to the darkest and most wonderful places that not even the most well written novel could. Due to the relitively short nature of most poems, it can also be extremely hard to write well.

What makes a poem beautiful? Is it the cliche onomatopoeiac rhyrme scheme the seems to endlessely parade itself in some "poetry"? I think not. It is my belief that it is the imagery in a poem that makes it beautiful.  Why not make a love poem truly meaningful by not just saying "I love you"? Why not make describe that love in a way that is unique specifically to that person? Something that could stand by itself is a work of art and not just a message? Make the reader react so strongly and involuntarily that it nigh on overwhelms them. The key word there is "involuntary". Don't tell the reader what to feel, show them the thing that made you feel that way and hope that it effects them the same way.

Ask yourself what is so beautiful and wonderful about that person. If it is their hair don't just say that their hair is beautiful.  Call it a "swirling red forest"  (if that person is a curly red head). Maybe that feels weird, but the best poems were often written by people on acid (not encouraging this). They took people to strange places and ideas. Got the idea?

There lies the purpose of poetry. It is to go beyond simple declaration of what something is, whether it be pain, sorrow, love, joy, or maybe even a place. The purpose is to point out what it is about something  that makes it worth talking about.

Even if you don't plan on writing poems of your own, maybe now you can appreciate the what poetry is all about, and the beauty of it all.