If you are in management or ownership of a restaurant, then you know how much the little things matter. Well, in this article, we will be discussing how something that is seemingly as innocent or simple as a menu cover can make such an impact. You see, the devil is in the details as they say. You know all about running restaurant and that the food matters. You also know that other things matter as well, things that have little to do with the food itself.

To begin with, you must recognize that like all things perception is everything. From the moment your guest sits at your table (even before that as they enter your establishment) they are forming impressions. I know, it isn't right, but it is what it is. So, since you are there to serve them and serve them food, you need to keep in mind how your menu cover portrays what you want it to portray.

There is not necessarily a right or wrong with this restaurant menu cover thing. It is just a matter of perception, as described, and you need to make sure that the perception you want to give is the one that your guests get. In other words, the more congruent your message can be from the first step into your establishment to the time they look at your menu to the time they enjoy their meal and leave, the better chance you have of creating a great impression. This is what it is all about. People go out for dinner to be entertained. Entertained not in a silly circus kind of way, but through great service. This is all part of the experience you are trying to create.

So, this impression we are speaking of is all determined by your set of measures. Do you want your restaurant to be portrayed as a fine dining establishment or a family friendly place to go with the kids. Are you more interested in just getting people their food quickly and letting the food speak for itself? Maybe you have a kind of 'short order' restaurant and you simply need your menu covers to protect the menu from the grease and other hazards of a restaurant. In this case, plastic menu covers that can be wiped clean and thrown into a menu holder of some sort are your best bet.

In the case of a fine dining or even just a restaurant that is known for its steaks, a leather menu cover is more consistent with this image. The feel and weight of the leather conveys a comforting and strong feeling. These are the same types of messages your décor likely presents as well. You match your wine list to your foods in many cases, so why not match the cover of your menu to the choices inside? So you see, it isn't that there is one type of menu cover that is the only or right one, there are several that can work. The key is simply to match your choice of menu cover to the type of dining experience and establishment that you own.