Getting more business using social media such as Facebook and Twitter is a tendency that is growing by the day due to the success that many small and medium business have experienced once the correct techniques are learned and put into practice; however, it is important to identify all the opportunities in order to increase the visibility and build the synergies needed to improve the brand of the company as well as improving the quality of the customer service – this is the way to use social media to get more business.


Brand, People and Social Media

A reputable brand with the use of social media will give a competitive marketing   strategy advantage and differentiate from other competitors; however, the starting point is to identify your clientele and the reputation of your business; this will help you to identify the way to use social media in your favour – it is important to recognise and enhance your good points and try to minimise the impact of the negatives ones in order to maintain existing customers and try to attract potential ones.



Social Networking Sites

1. Facebook still remains as the most popular social networking site and has become the tool number one in terms of social media to promote your business and attract new customers. Facebook for business is not difficult to use and once you create an official page and know how to promote your products and services you are half way there; however, establishing the brand is not the only thing to worry about; optimising your profile with a logo, mission and vision as well as promoting your Facebook profile effectively will give you all you need to succeed.


LinkedIn the LinkedIn company page is probably the most professional way to promote your business and although Facebook and Twitter will give you more exposure; having a LinkedIn page will improve your brand and reputation as it allows to explain in detail the company’s story, highlighting at the same time the most important products and services and engage with followers, which in the majority of the cases will be professional people with the right contacts and that know exactly what they want - this is probably the best way to promote your business, by using word of mouth marketing.


 3. Twitter the best way to use Twitter in your favour is by promoting a clear dialogue and interaction with your followers; this will allow you to know what they think about the business brand and provide them with the perfect tool to work for you by re-twitting to the wider community. Twitter also offers the opportunity to use “promoted tweets” to amplify the message of your company, products and services and communicate it to the right people – those interested in your business. However, you must apply the correct security settings in order to avoid having your Twitter account hacked.


4. YouTube the use of video as a way to promote your business is one of the latest marketing innovation used by management consultants and this tendency will just grow in the future.


Link all your Platforms with your Website

Integrating your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to your main website is the perfect platform to promote your business and improve your brand. Integration will also save time by avoiding repetition and reaching a biggest number of people. Unlimited opportunities are being provided by the use of social media to get more business and become more profitable – the new product marketing tool for any small business.