Prior to purchasing my first Entertainment coupon book, I did not understand the logic of paying for coupons. The elementary school in my neighborhood sells the Entertainment coupon book as a fund raiser for the school. I figured parents buy them to support their child's school and the savings from the coupon book would be insignificant. At $45 a book, I cannot imagine ever recovering the initial outlay for the purchase of the coupons in the book.

You can save significant money from the Entertainment coupon book if you trade coupons

Almost every parent I know has an Entertainment book. It is the main fundraiser for the schools in this area. The problem is that I will only use a handful of coupons in my side of town, wasting the rest of the coupons.

Once I started trading coupons at work with co-workers who live in other cities in the area, I have plenty of coupons to for my city. So my handful of coupons often triples or quadruples for the restaurants and stores in my city. With an entire year to use them, my husband and I often dine around town for half price since most of the dining coupons are buy one entre get one free.

I also thought the Entertainment coupon book only offers coupons for dining out. But there are a variety of coupons for stores to buy groceries and household goods, tickets to parks and museums, discounted movie tickets and car rentals, etc. The key to getting maximum benefit from your coupon book is to trade for coupons with other parents.

Register your Entertainment coupon book online to print even more coupons

If you log on to their website and register your Entertainment coupon book, you can print more coupons. Some restaurants allow you to print a buy one get one free coupon once a month.

Whenever we go out to lunch at work, I would log into the Entertainment website to check if the restaurant we are going to have a printable coupon. I am a popular lunch buddy at work because I can usually find a coupon that result in a $1 or $2 discount for everyone.

Consider purchasing the current year's Entertainment coupon book after January and online at the company's website.

August through September is the fundraiser season for the schools in my local area. If you goal is to just save money, then it will be cheaper to purchase the Entertainment book from their website after January when the local schools stop selling them.

Though I love saving money, I usually purchase the coupon book from my friend's child. I know I can save $10 or more if I purchase the coupon book online, but I can't put a price on being an "Auntie."

Wait until July to purchase your Entertainment book online for 2 books for the price of one for even more savings.

Just like car sales, the current year car model is often cheaper when the next year model rolls into the dealerships. For the Entertainment coupon book, the best time to purchase one is around July. By July, you can pre-order next year's coupon book and get the current year's coupon book for FREE. The company will be trying to get rid of its current year inventory of coupon books and wanting to pre-sell for next year. Since the current year's coupons do not expire until November, you will still have 4 months to use them.

Purchase an Entertainment Book when traveling to another city to save money on dining.

There is an Entertainment book for most major cities in the US. You might want to consider purchasing an Entertainment coupon book for the area you are visiting when you go on vacation.

When I visited Orlando, FL a few years ago, I brought an Orlando Entertainment book for $20 (purchased mid-February). I used a few dining, amusement park, and museum coupons. Then, I posted my used Orlando Entertainment coupon book on eBay giving the buyer a list of all the coupons I used. I sold the used coupon book for $10. I saved around $150 that week I was in Orlando.

By using these creative ways, I have been able to save significant money throughout the year with my Entertainment coupon book. If you are interested in using the coupon book, but do not want to spend the $45 to purchase one, you can always wait until after January to test drive the coupon book for a reduced price.