Once you have signed up for Infobarrel and written a couple articles, you may get a couple views just from people who stumbled upon your articles by accident. This is great, but a couple views a day won't make very much money - if any at all. To gain more viewers (and money!) you are going to need to market your work. This can be done online in many ways.

First of all, you can create a separate webpage linking to all of your articles. By doing this you can organize your links so the viewer doesn't just see "Joe's Articles: 592..." with content all over the map subject-wise. Separate everything into categories and if you can, include a search feature on your site. Also, they will be directed to your site looking for what you write about, instead of just from flipping through random profiles on Infobarrel. Since you have adsense set up for Infobarrel, you can also place ads on your webpage and make money from that as well. You can create a free website on blogger.com and get started immediately. As of now, I have written very few articles so it is easy to organize as I write each article. Start now to avoid future stress. Note: Do not actually put your articles in this website as it violates Infobarrels TOS. Links only!

Once you have your website, you need to get people to notice it. Submit it to search engines such as Google (here) and Yahoo (here) so people can find it. Then make sure to use keywords in your articles and on your website so people can find it when they are actually looking for it. Placing popular keywords in your site may seem like a good idea because it drives more traffic to your site, but if your content isn't actually related it won't do you any good. You will get visitors, but they won't stick around because they aren't interested in your website.

The next step in generating traffic is through link building. This will not only drive traffic directly from the links, but give your website a better ranking on search engines. Join some internet forums or comment system such as Disqus. Put the link to your website in your profile and signature, but make sure it is not against the forums rules! The amount of links linking to your website affects how you stand in google's rankings. A website with many links from popular websites will be above a website with fewer links from less popular websites. At the same time, a site with a few links from very popular websites will be above a website with a lot of links from very unpopular websites. You want to get many links from very popular websites. Spamming links will only get you a lower ranking, as Google can tell if you are using 'black hat' search engine optimization techniques.

You can also market through social media. If you are not already signed up make a youtube, facebook, twitter and myspace account. You should emphasize you are a writer and link to your website that has your articles in it. Make friends and be nice to everyone, help other writers and readers out when you can. Your new internet friends will check out your profile and see you are a writer, and their next steps will be looking at your articles! You can also tweet or update your facebook status when you have a new article approved and live on infobarrel. Make sure to link to it! Infobarrel even has an auto-tweet feature you can set up so you don't have to manually tweet your new articles.

If you have established a strong online presence, you can move offline as well. Tell your family and friends about your articles, and give them your website URL so they can check it out. It's good to have a card with your name and website as it is more professional and very convenient. Don't overdue it by bringing it up more than once for one person unless they are genuinely interested. Don't be pushy if you want them to sign up under your referral, either.

Driving traffic to your Infobarrel Articles can be hard work, but it always pays off in the end. Write lots of quality articles and instead of just leaving them, market them so you get more hits. Five articles that get ten views each won't do as well as a singular article that was marketed and got one hundred views.

Happy Marketing!