As a member of the older generation I Think I qualify as an expert on the subject. If you don't believe me just ask the many people I talk to. I'm sure they will tell you I am full of information or full of something.

One of the things I have noticed is that the stairs to my basement seem to be getting steeper. I think my wife had a contractor add a couple steps. I went down to the basement and by the time I got there I forgot what I went down for.

My wife insist that I go shopping with her now. She said the reason she needs me along is the groceries were heavier than they used to be. I don't know why the cans and bottle sizes haven't changed. She insist she is buying less. I think the bag person has something to do with it but I can't prove it.

naps are good

I walked to the store yesterday and it took me forever, I used to make the trip in 15 minutes. They must have moved the store and didn't tell me. When I got home I checked the address but it hadn't changed and I know I hadn't moved. I needed a nap to get my strength back.

I think people are generally inconsiderate these days. I notice when I ask questions people seem to be whispering when they answer me, then get mad and shout at me when I ask them to repeat what they said. some don't seem to care at all I guess they think I lip read.

I ran into a school friend the other day and couldn't help notice how old he had gotten, I said hello and he didn't even recognize me. he must be into farming these days because I heard mumble as he walked away,"I wonder what that old goat wanted."

I think driving has become a hazard for older folks. I was going to the senior center the other day when a car behind me kept flashing his lights and waving at me. I assumed he was just being friendly because I when I turned off the main road he raised his hand to tell me I was number one. surely he knew I was turning I had slowed down. Was there something else I was supposed to do?

Another thing, why do the drivers on the interstate have to drive right on my bumper when I get on the highway. I pull out and there they are with this look on their face that looks like panic as they climb on my bumper. I am always coming from the right so I have the right away, don't they know that, where did they get their license anyway. I mean come on there is a sign they says traffic is merging from the right.

My doctor told me I had two choices about my weight, I could find away to grow taller or go on a diet. I told him his scales where faulty. I only eat what my wife cooks for me, and sometimes we only eat twice a say. My wife told him I snack a lot. I don't think a nice bowl of ice cream with a little chocolate syrup and fruit is snacking to much. she must be referring to the peanuts, potato chips and candy.

Oma & Opa

Then the worst thing happened to my wife and I at the Sears Store. We went in for a portrait picture and they lost the negative of our picture. They tried to make up for it by sending us a picture of two old people with gray hair, and wrinkled skin. I swear I don't think I'll get my picture taken there again.

I went to play golf yesterday, I see where they have added some length to all the holes. I used to be able to clear the water on number two but now I end up right in the middle of the pond. I didn't believe my playing partner when he said I couldn't clear it now because I didn't have a club in my bag that I could make it with. I never had that problem 10 years ago.

Something else I noticed all the people I see that I have known for a while seem to be getting older. The young boy who delivered the newspaper is now on the city council, The girls my wife took care of are now taking care of children of their own.

But the thing that worries me the most is what I found in the medicine chest. I used to fine only my shaving cream, razor, my comb and hair brush. Today I found five bottles of pills, and they all had my name on them. One says take 1 a day for blood pressure, One is for cholesterol, another for heart burn, then another is supposed to help with my diabetes I don't remember what the last one is for.

Yes seems people who are getting old all have problems, but the alternative to getting old doesn't offer much of a future does it?