Organizing a Bedroom Closet

Getting organized can be a daunting task. So, instead we keep procrastinating that we will get around to it one day, and that one day just doesn't happen right?

This is my case for sure. So, this being a New Year, I decided that one of my New Year resolutions would be to get organized. Was not quite sure where to start but I was determined.

So, what I did, is break down the organizing task into small bite size pieces! This was the best thing I ever did. I figured I had about 1/2 to one hour to dedicate to this at a time before I would be bored and/or get busy with something else.


Start With the Smallest Room - A Closet

I picked the smallest room to get started with and that was my closet. I figured if I could start, clear out clutter and put it all back in under an hour then I would be doing well.

I got three boxes from the grocery store, and I decided one would be for charity, one would be for garbage and one would be for keeping. I made sure my bed was clear of any other clutter that might get caught up in my fury of organizing (last time I tried this, my pyjamas went AWOL by accident with the donations).

I started with everything on the hangers. I put them all on the bed, that way you can at least see the rest of your closet. Now depending on how big your closet is, maybe you might just tell yourself, that today you will only tackle the left or right side, especially if you have a walk in closet. I don't, mine is all crammed into a typical tiny closet. So, out came the stuff on hangers, and laid carefully on the bed.

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investing in a good organizer can get everything off the floor and into its very own space.

Use the 5 Second Rule

Rather than just stop there and go through my clothes, I figured I would get started on the closet floor, and upper shelf, and anything that suddenly reappeared from behind all my clothes! (I found a beautiful scarf I thought I had lost behind all the hangers). I got right down on the floor and decided everything would get the five second rule. If I could not find a good use for the item in 5 seconds, then it was either getting donated or tossed.

This 5 second rule, can be changed, but for me, if I allow too much time, then it ends up back in my closet for another year or two. Most of the stuff on my closet floor are mostly shoes and boxes of assorted items that had no where else to go when we moved in.

So, I would pick up an item, and look at it for 5 seconds, and then toss into any of the three boxes I had set up. It was amazing how fast I got through the stuff laying on the closet floor. Things that I had moved with us to this house seven years ago, thinking I might use it, so today was the day it was leaving!.

Once I made the decision, based on my 5 second rule, I felt elated, actually in control! I know this may sound strange, but clutter eventually wears you down. It can be a subtle thing, but it catches up with you, and before you know it, everywhere you look is "stuff".

Over the Door Shoe Organizer

Finding a place for all your shoes is just as important as the clothes, because they can take up a lot of floor space.

We all tend to keep those "skinny clothes" for the just in case we lose a few pounds, but that was not my New Years resolution this year, so those "skinny clothes" had been in there too long, and I figured, if I get skinnier, then I deserve a shopping trip anyways!

Opening your closet and trying to fumble through clothes you don't wear to find the ones you do, is frustrating in the mornings, and yet we continue to do it. So, by having everything laid out on the bed, I was able to cull the herd of clothes that realistically were never going to be worn by me.

Once I had thinned out my hangers of clothes, I put back all the ones I did wear. Now when my husband sees just how thin the hangers are, he will not object to some shopping!

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Organizing Shoes and Such

If you don't like the idea of an over the door shoe organizer, you can get one that fits under your bed too.  This could be important if you have a ton of shoes.  Keep this in mind, as it can be hard to keep all pairs together when you are dressing in a hurry.

Donate Things You Have Not Used in a Year

I started out allowing myself one hour to organize at least part of this closet, but that is the trick to getting organized, you trick yourself into doing it for longer. Lets face it, if you said to yourself, I want to do a marathon day of organizing, or I will spend a weekend cleaning out the basement, it is not likely to happen, as you conjure up images of dust bunnies, piles of debris and you in the middle.

But if you say to yourself, today I will spend 1/2 hour on cleaning out under the stairs in the basement. Breaking down the chores into puzzle sized pieces, you may just do it, because you can clean out under the stairs, and still go out on the town the rest of the day. But if you are anything like me, once you get started with that 1/2 organizing plan, you actually start getting into it. Next thing you know a few hours has gone by, and you are DONE!

My plan that day was to spend an hour on my closet, once I had done that, I looked around and realized the rest of my bedroom could use some de-cluttering, and since I already had these boxes set up, why not?.

Once done, I loaded the donation boxes into my car, and off I went to drop them off, then decided to treat my closet to a few organizing baskets and tubs that I had seen in magazines.

Split Closet Organizing into 30 minutes Time Slots Per Day

I got home, and made my closet look fit for a magazine picture!. I was impressed with myself, I now know intimately what is in my closet, no more guessing. (I even found extra kitchen stuff in a box in the back of the closet!). Shoes are organized, and clothes have breathing room between them on the hangers. No more mashing together of outfits, or pulling and tugging to get them out!

I have now got the organizing bug, and I am scaring the family. I am eyeballing rooms to attack next! Removing clutter and really getting to know your "stuff" makes you feel empowered, and in control. Your home is meant to be a soft spot to land at the end of the day, and if you land on "stuff" when you need to relax, it is time to create a better nest.

Get organized, de-clutter and feel stress free! At least in your home!