Getting out of red light camera tickets can be easier than you think. All over the country, towns and other local municipalities are putting up cameras to catch anyone doing 11 miles or more over the speed limit. This camera can often take you by surprise and you'll likely to want to kick yourself after you see the flashes in your rear view mirror.

They got you?

Or did they?

And while there are a host of products out there, including red light camera covers and shields to protect you from getting these kinds of tickets, there are simple ways to get out of speeding light and red camera citations.

 Many people try to beat these citations by using the defense of “it wasn't me”.

This is harder than ever to prove and not advisable. Because usually you are required to provide documentation of who WAS driving, basically someone is going to get the citation. So if it's not you, It'll be someone else. And who wants to have a friend or relative be the fall guy or girl. It doesn't make fore good relationships, EVER.

So how do you beat these kinds of tickets?

  • Know your state and local red light camera laws - To beat a red light camera citation understand that there are certain provisions that the locality must adhere to. One is, there must be a warning sign somewhere nearby, typically within a few hundred feet, letting you know that a camera is near. If there is no sign, take a picture and document as evidence. Request a hearing and provide this documentation to the judge. Also, if the sign is broken or vandalized, you could easily beat a red light camera ticket. Notice any other irregularities too, like, is there always a technician near by fixing the camera. Document. As this could be a sign that in fact the camera is not functional or consistantly working.
  • Analyze the red light camera ticket closely, most tickets will tell you how many seconds elapsed after the light turned red whereby you ran the light. If the seconds are fractional or if the information is even missing, you can argue to the judge that you didn't have enough time to come to a complete and safe stop. Additionally, if the time is missing, you can ask the judge to dismiss your ticket based on missing or unclear information.
  • Always show up in court. Very few if any, red light camera tickets are won or dismissed when you don't show up. Typically you can get a court date by requesting one, by following the instructions on the back of the red light camera ticket.
  • Don't get them in the first place. Ok, maybe this is overly obvious, but you can always be mindful of where you are driving and always try to do the speed limit and avoid driving too fast, so that you'll never have to try and beat a red light camera ticket.

 Also remember to provide as much evidence as possible. Pictures are crucial in your red light camera ticket defense. Research your state and local camera and speeding camera laws well so that you are well versed in any technicalities.

 Have you beat a red light camera citation or a speeding camera?

 What are some of your other tips in getting out of red camera light tickets or citations?