As an internet marketer, especially when you are starting out and still not able to spend a lot of money on outsourcing the writing part, you are probably familiar with the phenomenon of not being able to put a single word on paper, or in this time and age it might be better to say, not a word on your computer screen.

There are a lot of people trying to make a living online and many of them fail in one thing, which is the creation of text. You see, you will need content and a lot of it in order to break through the almost magical thresholds that will allow you to become a full time Internet marketer.

For instance, you will be needing content to create a website, whether that is to generate adsense income or affiliate product sales, a website without content is no use. So that is one part you will be needing the content for and if only it would mean that you would be done as soon as you have a website finished, the task wouldn't feel as daunting.

However, just having a nice website with some good unique content won't do the trick. People will need to be able to find your website in order for you to be able to make some money.

Which is where more content creation comes in. There are plenty of ways to create links to your site but the most known and used way is to use article marketing to build links and drive traffic to your website. So you figured it out, you will need more content even, so you can submit articles to all the different article directories to be allowed to place your links on their sites and grow some traffic to yours.

Now that you understand the importance of content writing, and I am sure you had already figured that out, the next hurdle is to overcome.

How to write your articles, how to write that dreaded content when you are experiencing severe writer's block? There are actually a few things you could do break through that block.

Some people say you should just sit down and get writing; others say you should just drop whatever you are doing and go outside the house for some fresh inspiration. That would be good advice if it doesn't really matter what you want to write about but as an internet marketer you normally have done your research and found a market niche that you feel would be profitable to pursue. This means that you are already sort of stuck with a subject and many times these subjects are difficult and even boring so getting anything sensible in your word processor could become a real hassle.

When doing your initial research make sure you write down all the keywords that could bring you both traffic and money so that you have sort of a guide to start. Then when you are starting to write, instead of sitting in front of your screen, try sitting down in a more comfortable area. That might be the living room, bedroom or outside on the porch, just make sure that you feel comfortable and that there are no distractions that will keep you off of your task at hand. Grab a piece of paper and just start dotting down short sentences that are related to those keywords and think of any catchy titles build up from your keywords, without focusing on what it is you are going to write as a whole article.

These sentences and titles are going to form the basic layout of your article.

Say you are planning on writing a 1000 word article that would mean you need a catchy title and around 10 paragraphs. The first paragraph will be a shot introduction to your keyword, the last will be your closing paragraph and in between you could for example start asking the most burning questions related to your keywords, followed by some answers and explanations in the next.

Some great questions you can use to build up these paragraphs are:

  • What is "your keyword"?
  • Who should be using "your keyword"?
  • Why should people be using "your keyword"?
  • Where to get "your keyword?
  • What to look for when using "your keyword"?

These questions are very adaptable to almost any topic and they will form a nice base of information for you to build your article on.

Another good way to break through writer's block is to just sit down with your laptop in front of you, put on some nice music and start writing about just any subject. You might want to write about a nice movie you saw, a nice memory you have or whatever pops up in your mind even though it has absolutely nothing to do with the subjects you should be writing about.

What happens is that many people start getting into their block mode not because they don't know what to write about, but rather because the task at hand seems too big.

In the case of the internet marketer, this happens many times because it isn't just the content that is needed for their website, it is also the huge amount of content needed to create links back to their site in order to get traffic. And once they start thinking about the amount of work ahead of them, the tasks seems to become so daunting that instead of getting started and getting it done, they just keep putting it off.

So as soon as they start writing, without actually thinking about all the work that is involved in running a successful website, it will become easier to just write. Maybe one day they can use what they wrote down, but even if that is not the case, it will help them to get back into sort of a writing rhythm that will get them back on the road.

Just starting to write about anything that pops up in my mind without focusing on a set subject has many times helped me unblock my writers block and once I actually got started there was no way to stopping me!