Prescription Medications cheaper

 It seems that there is no getting around paying high prices for Prescription medications, unless you have really good insurance. If you are tired of constantly paying for these medications, here are some suggestions on how you can save a little so you end up with more money in your pocket.

 Health insurance can be a huge help in paying for prescription medications. If you do have health insurance with a prescription plan, another good benefit your job may offer is a flexible spending plan. This is an account whereas you dedicate a dollar figure to be withdrawn from each paycheck according to the total amount you choose. It is put into an account with a medical card attached, like a credit card. This money is deposited before taxes which makes it a huge benefit. You can save hundreds in taxes per year depending on how much you decide to set aside for the year. There is a limit of a few thousand dollars per year that is allowed for this plan. The only trick is deciding just how much you may use. This is worth looking into and could save you some hard earned dollars. The only catch is that whatever is left over at the end of the year you will forfeit. 

Another way to save money is by requesting generic brands on those prescription medications that you're able to. You will have to check with your doctor with each prescription to get their ok on it. In most cases, this is ok to do.

Check with your county, as some counties are offering a plan for prescription medications. The fee is usually very minimal by the year and you just have to be a county resident. Call your local county office and check to see if they offer this plan. This is probably a good plan to pick up if you have no health insurance.

A good way to save on your prescription medications is by mail. There are lots of companies who will sell medications cheaper if you buy three months at a time. You will have to fax them a prescription script from your doctor and they will accept health insurance as well. Some employers already have a mail order company they use, so check with your human resources department about your health benefits.

If the medication you will be taking is a short term use one, ask your doctor for samples. This will cut your cost to $0. This is a service the doctor's offer for their patients most of time. You can also ask your doctor to write a script for medication which is double the dosage. This way you can split the pills in half. This absolutely saves you money. It is actually cheaper to buy pills this way.