Halloween is Almost Here!

With Halloween on its way it is time to get the pumpkin patch ready. I always let pumpkins grow in my flower beds at the front of the house. That way, when Halloween arrives they are big and orange and there are creepy looking vines all around.

Generally, I paint most of the pumpkins becuase I like to save them for eating later. How do I eat them later you ask? I chop them up and cut off the slime and seeds as well as the tough outer rhine and then steam the pumpkin "meat" til it is soft. Then I puree it in batches and freeze it in one quart freezer bags to use later. You can go to Everything Pumpkin and find detailed tips that will help you make pumpkin puree.

The best way to paint the pumpkins is with acrylic paints and artist paint brushes. I also get out the glue guns, yarn, raffia, googley eyes, pipe cleaners and whatever else I can think of that will make a great looking Halloween Pumpkin.

I am not an artist, by any stretch of the imagination so I refer to craft books and sites for my ideas. I often print out patterns and templates to use as my guides. Storytime Crafts has a fine post with cute templates to use for carving or painting your pumpkin.

If I do end up carving a pumpkin, I never EVER do it sooner than the day before, otherwise, they get all droopy and moldy and look awful come Halloween Night! I also prefer to use the battery powered tea lites that are so popular at Christmas time, to light my Jack-O-Lanterns! No fuss and no MUSS with those little things and they stay on FOREVER! You can find them in just about any big box store.

Most important is to have fun and be safe on Halloween! TRICK OR TREAT Y'all!