Having a website is great, but how can you get people to keep coming back to your site? Of all the websites on the Internet, how do you convince people to return to yours and read your content?

Set up a forum or chat room
Forums and chat rooms provide a place for users to share their opinions and ideas and interact with your other readers. The more active a forum or chat room gets, the more likely users are to return. When a user posts a new topic, he will return to check for replies, and reply to those replies, and so on.

The downside to chat rooms or forums is that they must be moderated. Keep an eye out for questionable users who would post inappropriate material or those who would use your site as a platform to promote hate speech, adult material and the like. These users need to be removed. Establish a set of rules to which all users must agree and ban users who break the rules.

If you cannot moderate the forum or chat room personally, you may wish to have volunteers (who you know you can trust) moderate the site on your behalf.

Set up a blog
If the main section of your site has static content, you may wish to set up a blog as well. Add it to the site in a subfolder (for example: http://www.(yourdomain).com/blog). Keep the blog updated regularly with fresh, original content. Users like new content, so if you keep the site updated, they will come. As an added benefit, most blogging systems allow users to post comments. This brings some with it some of the social functionality of a forum, and like a forum, these comments should be moderated carefully.

Use polls and surveys
People love to talk about themselves and voice their own opinions. Surveys allow them to do so. This allows the user to get involved on the website and, hopefully, keep them coming back to check poll results and to look for new polls.

Post puzzles and games
Some websites have successfully added game sections. These games allow a user to stay on the site and play games - sometimes even with other users.

Update frequently
You may have heard the expression "content is king." It's true! If a website isn't updated with valuable content, users won't return. Fresh, updated content entices your visitors to return to check for more content each day.

Don't let your site sit for long without new content. Keep it relevant and keep it coming!

Add social features to the site. Update frequently. Above all, appeal to your visitors. Provide them with content they will use and enjoy. Good content will draw users. It's that simple.