Blockage of the mind

When we experience a mental block we know that it cripples our ability to think and perform things in our lives to the capacity we are capable of. This is different than just writer’s block, as this can apply to many other things in our lives. This can happen with homework, projects, thinking of answers, and dwelling on knowledge. Mental blocks are easy to get rid of in practical knowledge but hard to actually apply, and this article will help you in finding ways to rid yourself of mental blockages in your life.

Take a break

The first step that I take whenever I get a mental block in my studies, meditations, or work is I take a break. I remove myself from the situation entirely and get myself involved with something completely different. This helps in unclogging that mental block in my head because it takes my mind off of the things I'm stuck on and onto soMental blockmething else. If I'm trying to figure out  a math problem or trying to find out why a program isn't working I immediately remove myself from that situation and go do something else like watch a movie or go for a run. The vast majority of times I've done this I got a thought, an idea, or a revelation while doing another activity and that unclogged the mental block and enabled me to succeed where if I stayed in that problem and became inward focused on what's wrong with me I may have never seen that answer.

Removing yourself from your situation not only removes mental block but it's also healthy for your mind as well. We aren't made to do something over and over for a long time, we have to break things up and have multiple activities we do in life so things are always interesting and fresh. Don't let your mind become consumed by a mental block because you are constantly studying, or working, or thinking, but instead go do something fun and free up your mind; you will be surprised what happens.

Baby steps

When experiencing a blockage of the mind, we have to take things slowly step by step. When you see a monumental task ahead such as a business plan, or a writing project, or a lesson you have to prepare, know that you will not be successful by getting motivated and trying to finish that thing in one sitting. You have to take steps towards that goal and breaks are mandatory. This is why businesses that only give one half an hour lunch see less results and lack of productivity; the workers never get a break! You can't be fresh and productive if you are always working, you have to step aside and take a break. Google does an awesome job with this by providing frequent breaks to their employees and giving them things to get their mind off work such as resting pots, or table tennis, or video games. Once they come back they are refreshed and able to be much more productive because of that break.


One thing that has really helped me overcoming a mental block is by socializing with others. It's amazing how many ideas come to mind when I just conversed with friends and family because I was relaxed and just enjoying my time talking to another person. Suddenly I'd get an idea pertaining to my situation or my study and I'd write it down immediately. That idea wouldn't have been sparked in my thinking if I hadn't had talked to that person because what they said reminded me of something and that idea was the byprodConversationuct of that thought.

Conversation requires constant usage of our minds to think of things and put it into words. I enjoy intellectual conversations and things that pick at our brain, so to bounce ideas and theories off others enables me to be in a state of constant thought and thus ideas and revelations are birthed from this activity. Take the time out of your day to talk to someone else and see the creative ideas and juices flow. You will see that a mental block is just something that needs to be unclogged and one of the best ways to unclog that mess is by talking to others. It gets our mind off of the problem and onto something else that stimulates the mind by keeping it active, yet still being different so we aren't experiencing that blockage due to the changed activity of conversation.


This one could sound strange to come, but eating helps in overcoming mental blocks we have because a hungry body is a drained body. If our mind has a subconscious thought of "I'm starving, feed me" then our minds aren't going to be fully utilized because it's partially focused on the loud stomach needing food. Snacking can increase productivity because it reduces food cravings, while at the same time providing nutrients to you body and brain so you can function at peak capacity. Grab some baby carrots or crackers and take a moment to relax, you will be glad you did when suddenly the blockage disappears.

No trace left

Hopefully these tips helped you in your issues with mental block. It helps to take this active approach towards your success by stepping away from being productive in your work or study and instead be productive by taking a break. A worker who works 8 straight hours is less productive than a worker that works 8 hours with frequent breaks in between. They may have less time involved, but more time being productive and the net result is better. In your personal studies breaks help a lot to get your mind off things, but I really wish that more companies and businesses embraced this idea of frequent breaks so they could see productivity increase. We get mental blocks all the time when we get frustrated in our projects and the best way to get rid of them is partaking in these activities listed above.