Chemical peels are being effectively used for acne scar removal. This processes is increasingly becoming popular with easier and cost effective methods being introduced. Most often cured acne leave behind scars which by itself is a problem for someone who is very concerned about their skin's health and look.

As the scars from acne is a superficial skin problem, chemical peeling is one of most effective methods used. This method casts off the dead skin and eventually peels it off and leaving a less scarred and new skin layer is exposed. When the dead skin layer is peeled off, acne scars which are superficial though not removed completely appear thinned. Regularly using this method and removing the dead skin periodically, acne scars can be successfully removed.

Though very effective in removing skin scars including acne scars, chemical peeling carries with it the side effects of irritation and redness due to the reaction of the chemicals with this skin. There are some types of chemical peoples which can be purchased over the counter without any prescription from the dermatologist. These are very mild form of chemical peels which contain chemicals like Betahydroxy acids and Alphahydroxy acids.

Even though these are mildest forms of chemical peels which do not need an expert to perform, people using them often experience a little burning of the skin with irritation, redness, and dryness . Other types of chemical peel treatments with stronger chemicals are used under the expert guidance of a dermatologist.

This method are very effective and safe only for people who has superficial acne scars and not for someone who has ongoing severe acne problem with infection. So would be prudent to consult your skin care professional before using the lighter chemicals peels which are available without prescription.

Apart from these lighter chemical peels there are stronger types which includes the ones which contain trichloroacetic acid and phenols which acts on the deeper layers of the skin and gives better and long lasting results. The side effects of the stronger chemical peels are more including sensitivity to sunlight, flaking and cracking of the skin and dryness.

Many people are not comfortable with chemical peels as they have an aversion to the word chemical in skin care. I am one of them. Having a very sensitive skin is one of the reasons why never used chemical peels for a long time and continued to have old acne scars. The other reason for my reluctance is I considered a rough skin looks good on a man's face. This opinion changed when I met a person with a handsome face resulting apart from a good facial features, a flawless skin. I used herbal facial peels with a good results but they could not remove the old scars. Other facial peels also work effectively in removing the old dead skin layer but still the old acne scars persisted.

After a lot of persuasion by a friend, I used a very mild type of chemical peel which after using regularly for five months completely removed the old acne scars. Having sensitive skin, I did suffer from side effects of irritation and redness even with the milder chemical peels. If you are considering chemical peels, my advice to you would be to consult a skin care professional.