If you have got bags under your eyes, a good way to help reduce them is with an eye cream that contains horse chestnut and Vitamin K. This is because these ingredients are said to help reduce blow flow and puffiness under the eye. When applying your night cream just before bed time always make sure that you apply it gently and softly, the best way to do it, is with your smallest finger. This finger is your weakest, which will help to ensure that you do not press on to the eyes delicate skin too hard. Apply it by patting it on with your finger in a backwards and forwards direction starting at the outside then working your way inwards.

Do you wake up in the morning with puffy eyelids, it might be because you apply eye cream before you go to bed to your upper eye lids. This is something you should never do because it is going to stop your delicate eye area skin from breathing during the night. A good tip for reducing those puffy eye bags is with a slice of cucumber under each eye. Place a slice under each eye, lie back and leave them on for around 10 to 15 minutes. This will allow the minerals of the cucumber to fully soak into your eye allowing it to work its magic and reduce your eye bags.

Another good tip for reducing eye bags in the morning, is try sleeping with an extra pillow. The extra height will help to drain any excess fluid that is building up under the eye area. If you are finding that your neck is getting sore though, a good way to help fix this is by moving the pillow down slightly from your head to just under your shoulders and chest.

If you are wanting to quickly wake up those tired eyes in a morning. One of the quickest and best ways to do it, is by sprinkling cold water over your eyes ten times whilst keeping them open. This will take a bit of getting use to, but it really does help to wake up those tired eyes. If you wear contact lenses, always remember to remove them before you start splashing water into your eyes.