Getting rid of bed bugs takes a lot of time, patience and persistence. They are determined and resilient, so it takes some care to deal with them.

If you are not sure what you have, or you notice little itchy bites, then you may have bed bugs, but because they are so tiny, they can be hard to find, especially during the day.  They resemble a tiny apple seed if you ask me.

But here is one way to know for sure, set out some glue boards or fly tape near the bed or where ever you think they may be, and see if you notice any black dots the next day.

If you do find that you have them, then getting rid of them should be your highest priority right now, as they can spread to other rooms. They don't need to eat all the time and can survive a long time, so you need to spend a good day dealing with the issue.

Follow these steps and see if getting rid of them is something you can tackle yourself first.

step 1

Strip your bed of everything and getting out a magnifying glass and really look in all the nooks and crevices, even the bed frame. You are looking for the bugs but you are most likely going to find black dots which is the poo of the bug, so you know they have been there.

Step 2

Get out your vacuum cleaner, make sure it is empty and powerful. Then using your crevice tool, go along all the seams and quilting marks on your mattress. Then along the seams at the bottom of the mattress, or anywhere there is the slightest fold, like the tabs for moving the mattress etc.

Once you have the front side vacuumed, then turn over the mattress and repeat. Then vacuum the bed frame, and all the carpeting under the bed.


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Step 3

Vacuum the baseboards and lampshades and anything near the bed using the crevice tool as you will get the most powerful suction from this tool, but you will have to go inch by inch to make sure you vacuum the entire area. Vacuum daily, and empty your vacuum bag daily and get it out of the house into a garbage bag. No sense vacuuming them up only to have them escape from the vacuum. Getting rid of bed bugs means getting them out of the house.

step 4

Take all your bedding and wash them in the hottest water you have, and then dry them in a hot dryer. Replace your pillows with new ones, and put the old ones in garbage bags and get them out of the house. and then cover your mattress with a plastic mattress cover.

step 5

Get out your caulking gun and caulk any gaps between the baseboard and the wall, also caulk any crevices and gaps in your bed frame as well as wall switches and outlets. Anywhere there is a crack, fill it with caulking. You can get clear caulking so your room doesn't look like a war zone!

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Another great place they like to hide, is in peeling wallpaper. Repair the wallpaper or maybe this is the time to redecorate and remove the wallpaper entirely. Give the carpets a good clean, or get rid of the carpet in the bedroom if possible.

Once you have done all of this, then put out your sticky board again (the type they use for catching mice) or fly paper, and see if you get anymore. If you do all of the above steps and you are still seeing black spots (which is the poo of bed bugs!) then you will need to hire the big guns.

As much as we don't like chemical warfare, if your attempts at getting rid of bed bugs, doesn't work you need to call in an exterminator, but if you are persistent with your cleaning you can get rid of bed bugs.