Acne is something that affects many people specially teenagers (like me). I think we can all agree that acne is disgusting and disturbing and without it you feel better, this is why w all want to prevent it. I have investigated about this subject and after trying them out on myself I will tell you the tips and routines that will prevent and eliminate acne. This blog is divided into 3 sections the first teaches you my daily routine that prevents acne, next there are a list of useful and effective tips that will help you remove acne and keep it that way and finally the last section will teach THE way in which you must remove a zit, of course, only if you MUST.

My Daily Routine

This is how I manage my daily routine you can change it, modify it to fit your time and standards.

First it is important to start my day by washing my face with soap. Later in the day, or when I get the time, I run or do some kind of cardiovascular activity as a workout. I normally run 30 minutes at about 6 miles per hour. This kind of workout makes me sweat a lot, which is important to clean my pores; however, the heat leaves my pores open so instantly after the workout I take an ice cold shower. It is very important to not let the sweat dry and quickly take the shower. I clean my face thoroughly with normal soap. Finally, before I go to sleep I clean my face with a special soap (Loreal Pure Zone) by first applying hot water in order to open the pores, then cleaning my face with the soap and with my finger tips massaging my face in order to take clean all of the dirt and bacteria of my pores and finally I rinse it cold water to close my pores.


  • Drink a lot of water, this prevents your face from being too dry or too oily. It is very important that you drink at least 2 Liters of water daily, it will help you clean all the impurity and bacteria that cause acne from your face.
  • Clean your face various times a day, even if you do it only with water at least clean it various times a day specially if you sweat or get it dirty. And please don’t clean your face with your hands, shirt, arms, etc. you might end up putting even more dirtiness in your face.
  • Don’t touch your zits, you will damage your skin and spread the bacteria.
  • Change your towels and bed sheets once in a while, for obvious reasons you have to clean all of this stuff in order to prevent the spreading of the bacteria.
  • Remember, hot water opens your pores, cold water closes your pores. This can be really useful when cleaning your face to prevent acne.
  • A natural way to clean your pores thoroughly, boil some water (it doesn’t have to be much) when it is boiling stop the heating, place your face 15-20 cm from the water and put a towel over your head in order to prevent the steam from leaving and staying in the area where your face is. Believe me, you will FEEL your pores getting cleaned.

How to remove zits

First of all, I would like to make it clear that you should not remove your zits but let them be removed naturally; nevertheless, if you are in a desperate situation (a date with Miranda Kerr, your wedding with Heidi Klum, etc.). There is a way to removing your zits other than squeezing them. Why not squeeze them? You will harm your skin and it is messy so you will spread the bacteria. This is the way to remove a Zit:

 You will need: A needle, alcohol, cotton, tissues and a nice juicy big white zit.

Step 1: Disinfect the needle with alcohol using the cotton to clean the whole needle.

Step 2: On the side of the white part of the zit introduce the needle and go through the zit all the way to the other side, as if piercing the zit (don’t worry the skin in the white area is already dead so you won’t feel anything)

Step 3: On a fast movement towards the front, pull the needle. This way the white part will be separated from your face.

Step 4: Clean the area for any remaining puss and blood. If you feel like there is still some puss in there lightly press the sides from around the zit (not without your nails) and it will come right out.

Step 5: Soak the cotton in alcohol and press it in the area the zit was in, in order to disinfect it and clean any bacteria.

Now you know how to treat your acne, use these tips and I can assure you your acne problem will decrease or be eliminated completely.