Acne is bad enough but back acne is both painful and humiliating. You don't want to be seen without your shirt and if you hit it just right it hurts so bad you feel like you just got stabbed in the back. But what causes acne anyways. It happens due to oil getting clogged within the pores of your skin which attracts bacteria. Once the bacteria and the oils all converge it clogs the pores and won't let go. So by washing off the oil and bacteria we can prevent this, but more on that later.


Treatments to Lookout For

What treatments you should use completely depends on both your skin type and the severity of your acne outbreak. If it is very bad then you should see a doctor. If you don't know but you think it might be pretty bad you should still go see a doctor and get his/her opinion on the matter because it is better to be safe than sorry.


Now if you just have a mild case you want to get under control then you want to get some over the counter Benzoyl Peroxide which will oxidize and kill the germs and clean the pores. You will have a few different strengths to choose from when shopping for different acne washes anywhere from 2.5 to 10%. You should start with the lower percent when first starting out because you could be both allergic to the Benzoyl Peroxide and it could irritate your skin and cause a rash. If either of those occur you should see a doctor and get an alternative.


If you don't notice a difference from the benzoyl peroxide then it is time to increase the strength of it until you find the right one that does the trick for you.


How to Prevent Back Acne

Prevention is rather simple, wash up multiple times in a day. This can be something as simple as wiping a wet cloth on your body. Basically all the germs build up and cause the acne, but if you kill the germs and wash away the oils they won't have a chance to cause any acne.


Always make sure when you are in the shower you clean your back really well too, since back Acne is the problem you really need to stress getting a good amount of soap and water and scrubbing back there. Most people don't like to admit it but they neglect their back because it's too hard to reach, that is fine but that's what is causing the back acne. So getting a nice scrubbing-brush with a long handle to help you really scrub down your back would probably help you as well.