Dog fleas can be a major problem for both you and your pet dog. These tiny pests feed on blood and cause irritation through leaving flea bites. Your dog constantly itches and scratches itself due to the annoyance. The dog may suffer hair loss as a result of biting, scratching and itching the irritated area. Some people even have allergic reactions to flea saliva and develop rashes. Getting rid of fleas is a major issue for many households. More often than anything your pets are responsible for bringing them into the home, so learning ways to get rid of fleas from your dog will be your best bet.

The most important method of getting rid of fleas naturally is by keeping your pet dog healthy. Most fleas and other small parasites tend to be less effective on healthy animals. Fleas generally prefer feeding on humans and animals with weak immune systems. Keeping your dog healthy and in a stress-free environment will keep its immune system stronger. You can also use the natural dietary methods below to try to boost your dog's immune system.

There are many drug free and chemical ways you can help get rid of fleas naturally from your pet dog too. A daily inspection will ensure that your pet is pest free. Consider investing in a flea comb to use on your pet daily to help remove fleas as well. Frequent baths with warm soapy water and special dog washing products will help. Additionally, you can use various natural and holistic approaches to keeping your dog free of fleas.

You can also use some natural dietary additions to help boost your dog's immune system which in turn will repell bugs. Just like humans, dogs can benefit from receiving B complex vitamins in doses of 50 mg twice daily, as well as Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. You can try adding a tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar to your dog's water bowl, or feeding your dog fresh garlic in small quantities.

If the above natural diet methods aren't enough to repel fleas, consider trying some of the safe, natural ingredient sprays, lotions and shampoos. You'll want to avoid shampoos that contain insecticides, but instead look for ones that contain citrus oils, pyrethrum or pyrethrin. Other natural solutions include bathing your pet by using apple cider vinegar to rinse their fur, dabbing lavender or peppermint oil between your dog's shoulder blades, and putting a drop of lemon or rosemary oil on the dog's collar. All of the above methods can be used as effective ways to treat your pet dog's flea problem without using potentially harmful products.