Why Killing Fleas Outdoors in Necessary

Dog RunningFleas can live indoors and outdoors. When we see these little blood sucking parasites, we immediately take action to remove them from our home. Getting rid of fleas as fast as possible will stop them from leaving itchy bites on our family and pets. What about the backyard though?

You may not be aware, but fleas problems will often start outside. This happens when your dog or cat spends time in the backyard, and fleas jump on them. Then your pets will come back indoors, and fleas will jump off and start laying eggs.

If you do not kill the fleas outside when treating fleas, you run the risk of a re-infestation. Your home will finally be pest-free, and your dog will go in the backyard, pick up fleas, and then come back inside. You will have to start all over again with treating fleas in house!

Where Fleas Live Outside

If you want to kill fleas in your backyard, you need to know where to find them. Fleas tend to stay around moist and dark locations. They cannot survive in direct sunlight. You will also often find them in places where pets like to hang around. Some of the outdoor flea hotspots are:

  • Kennels
  • Pet Beds
  • Other areas your pets frequent
  • Shaded areas under trees
  • In tall grass
  • Along fence lines
  • Along building perimeters

How to Kill Fleas Outside

Killing fleas will usually require two different kinds of treatments. This is true whether you are treating the inside of homes, backyard, or pets. You need one kind of chemical to kill the adult fleas, and one kind to kill the larvae.

Killing the Adultsfleas(93322)

To kill adult fleas you will want to find a pyrethrin or permethrin spray. This is a kind insecticide that is safe for homes. So, you do not have to worry about it harming people or dogs, however it can be toxic to cats. This chemical effectively kills fleas by harming their nervous system. The nerves repeatedly fire until the flea dies. You should be able to find outdoor permethrin insecticide sprays in most garden shops.

Kill the Larvae

If you do not kill the flea larvae, they will pupate into adults and continue the infestation. This is where  insect growth regulators come in. A common chemical used for this is Nylar, and you can buy this over-the-counter. It is safe for all mammals. It works by preventing fleas from every maturing into adults. After pupating, the larvae simply re-emerge as larvae and then die.

Keep in Mind

These insecticides will also affect other insects in your backyard. This may sound good, but you could be causing ecological damage. Some of these insects, even the ones you don't like, are beneficial to the environment. You should only use these pesticide sprays if you do in fact have fleas. Make sure you have identified fleas first, and then use the treatments.

Along the same lines, do not uses these treatments for lasting control or prevention. You will end up killing all the insects in your yard.