Lice are a large issue for a lot of people, they are quite sneaky. One day you won't have a problem then next thing you know your whole house is infested and you are struggling to kill them all off. Not to mention that but their eggs can stay alive for an extended period of time if needed so they can survive a pro-longed storage attempt.


So what can you do? Well there are a few things. They can't stand a lot of heat. They still can't breathe underwater and after about a month they will die off if there is no host. We can use these to our advantage.


Kill Lice on Your Scalp

Mayonnaise or oil is the best way to accomplish this and ensure it gets done. You have probably heard of this little at home remedy before, it really works though. You essentially suffocate the lice and they just all keel over.


First thing you do is cover your whole scalp with a good amount of mayonnaise or oil then put a bag or shower cap over your head. You want to sit with this on for about 12 – 24 hours, I am sure you want to do this only once so do it right the first time.


Next you want to heat up the shower cap by take a blow dryer lightly to it. Don't melt it to your scalp that would hurt.


Then you are going to put shampoo in your hair without any water. Get a good amount but not too much. This will break down the oils in the mayonnaise and let it come out easier since it has been in your hair for so long. You should let it sit for at least 30 minutes


Next you want to rinse out your hair as thoroughly as possible. Keep in mind that your scalp will still feel oily, there is no avoiding this.


Next you will want to get rid of the eggs, which is done with a specialty comb. You essentially want to get a few square inches of hair and comb through it then tie that section of hair off. This ensures you get every bit of your head. If you miss even just a few eggs you could be back here doing this again.


Keep in mind there are some other alternatives to mayonnaise that might work better, mayonnaise is just something most people have in their house right now. As an example you can use coconut oil which seems to work considerably better.

Heat to Kill Lice in Clothes

Alright so you need to get rid of lice in all your clothes is to dry them at the highest setting your clothes allow without shrinking them. Do this two times to ensure you get all the extra survives, then wash them again and you should be good. Of course you want to get rid of them all over the house and not just on your clothes otherwise they will just get right back on your clothes and you are back to square one.