Build the best mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door!

How do we get rid of mice and rats in the most inoffensive and humane way?

Getting Rid of Mice and Rats

No Fuss, No Yuck – Use Electronics!

 ‘Build the best mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door’, is a paraphrase attributed to one Ralph Waldo Emerson in the late nineteenth century. Perhaps wiser words for entrepreneurs have never been said?

Now, lets get down to business.

Having a clean, purebred and neutered pet mouse or rat at home as a pet is one thing, but having their dirty feral cousins running riot around, over, and especially in, your home is certainly NOT a good idea!Electronic Rat Trap CustomerCredit: whereilive

And please if you do have a rodent infestation, don’t feel embarrassed, ok? These hardy yet objectionable and unhealthy pests inhabit every continent except Antarctica in their millions, perhaps billions. Also they may well not have chosen your home because of any cleanliness or hygiene issues. How about this; you keep a clean secure home with well closing doors and screens, a secure roof space and yet you still find you have to get rid of mice and perhaps rats.

Why? Well consider what you have done for your unwanted lodgers. You have given them a safe haven away from most of their natural predators, creatures such as snakes and hawks. Ok perhaps your dear pussy cat may keep them up in the roof for a period each day, and even bring a dead ‘un into your bedroom first thing in the morning as a trophy once in a while, but with most rodent colonies this will be far from enough.Electronic Mouse Trap CustomersCredit: telegraphuk

So how to best deal with this issue? In a nutshell, how do we get rid of mice and rats in the most inoffensive and humane way? What in the world would you label as the best mouse trap, or best rat trap?

We have all seen the traditional offerings on the store shelves. The classic wooden spring trap that works, (sometimes), but leaves you with a sad and usually messy corpse to clean up? Or how about that sticky goo that you put around a piece of cheese or bacon? I have had the displeasure of using this stuff, and believe me, the yuck factor here is off the scale! Baits? Well yes, if you don’t mind tossing a toxic chemical around your home, where pets, wild birds and even children can digest it with the most tragic consequences. Nope, nope and nope to all of those contraptions thank you very much.

Hey there, we live in an electronic world don’t we? Mail; electronic, entertainment; electronic, appliances; electronic, and so it really comes as no surprise that the very best technique for getting rid of mice and rats has entered this electronic age as well.

Have a look at the pictures here. They are two of the best quality and value examples of the best electronic mouse and rat traps.Electronic MouseTrapCredit: amazon

The electronic mouse trap, (pictured), has received very high praise from those who have used it. Reviews such as: No mess, no fuss, great product!” and “I went and bought one of these traps. I LOVED THIS TRAP!!”

And if your four legged problems are of the larger variety -rats- there is a quality electronic rat trap out there as well! This model, (pictured), has also proven very effective and helpful to folks who have bought some, with glowing reviews like: “The Ultimate Rat Killer!” and “Works every time - AMAZING!”Electronic Rat TrapCredit: amazon

Just by the way, the customers did all those capital letters and exclamation marks themselves, so they seem to love these products, don’t you think?

So, to sum up. Rats and mice live absolutely everywhere, so it ain’t your fault if you happen to host some unwanted ones. Swerve the unpleasant mess of traditional traps and the safety hazards of toxic poisons, and get yourself some of these absolute killer electronic rat traps and best mouse traps. So 'zap to it' and stay happy out there!