The idea of going out for dinner or a crazy night out with friends and family can sometimes end up in being in pain and uncomfortable for the millions of Americans who suffer from nasty heartburn.  There are many different ways to treat heartburn but one of the first adjustments your doctor will try and make is by evaluating your current lifestyle habits.  Don’t worry though; heartburn is not considered a disease.  It is rather just a common symptom of what is known of the chronic condition called GERD; also known medically as gastroesophageal reflux disease.   As stated before there are many different ways to help control and prevent the symptoms of heartburn that will be mentioned further.  When your lifestyle changes only provide temporary relief; then medication may be administered to help control the awful feeling of heartburn.


            So what are some lifestyle changes we can make to help control the onset of heartburn?  For one, you can start by avoiding caffeine according to doctors.  But we live in America, so that is nearly impossible.  What we can do is try to limit the amount of caffeine we take in every day.  Try replacing that daily coke you have on your lunch with water.  Another thing we can do is try to eliminate fatty and acidic foods.  What type of foods are we talking about here?  Well, just for insight it can be anything from orange (juice or fruit), lemons, grapefruit (juice or fruit), tomatoes, milkshakes, Buffalo wings, chocolate desserts, and any type of alcohol.  There is other numerous food lists you can find online to check to see what you should avoid or proceed with caution. 

            Quitting smoking can also aid in relieving the symptoms of heartburn.  Smoking decreases the strength of the esophageal valve and promotes the movement of bile salts from your intestine into the stomach.   W weakened esophageal valve always easier acid reflux and the movement of bile salts makes it plenty more painful.


            To neutralize stomach acids you will want to take what is known as an antacid.  This is usually used only for temporary relief.  If your heartburn lasts more than 2 weeks you should see a medical professional.  Here is a list of common antacids and price range for each.

            Rolaids – you can usually buy a bottle for 8-12 bucks for a total count of about 150 Rolaids

            Maalox – 90 chewable tablets for around 5 bucks

            Mylanta – 24 tablets for about 5 bucks.

            Tums - 80 chewables for about 5 to 7 bucks.


            Changing your lifestyle habits and taking antacids are two ways to temporarily relieve that nasty heartburn.  If symptoms last more than 2 weeks and seem to worsen other methods may be used.