An exterminator is one who gets rid of pests by either spraying a chemical or
setting a trap. Exterminators are very careful as to how they get rid of the pests and the
chemicals needed to do so. In addition, an exterminator will also inspect the infestation
and decide what method to use to get rid of the problem.

So how do you know when you need to call an exterminator? While it is true that
pests are living things and they have the right to live as they see fit, it becomes a problem
when they start to take over your home. There are ways that homeowners can try and
prevent the problem such as making sure that no food is left out of its packaging or fixing
holes in screens but sometimes this is not enough. There are signs that you should look
for to know that it is your time to hire an exterminator. If you wake up each morning with
unexplained bug bites, it may be that you have bedbugs are spiders. If you have spiders
in places such as your bathtub, this may not be a sign to call an exterminator but if they
are large, small, long legged or have a red hourglass on their back, those are not the
spiders you want in your home. In the evening when you turn the lights on in your home,
and see moths flock to the light, you need to call in a professional. Other signs include
spider webs or black spots in your food.

So your next question is probably how you find an exterminator? There are
several methods that you can use to find a good pest control company. You can obtain
recommendations from friends, family, coworkers or neighbors. Inquiry with them if
they have used a pest control company in the past and who they used. You also want to
find out what their opinion was of the service they received. Ask what type of method
was used for their particular pest problem.

You want to choose at least three exterminators to contact. There are certain
questions that you should ask each exterminator. You want to know how many years the
company has been in business. You also want to know how long the exterminator
himself, who will be coming to your home, has been in business. You want to check out
the Better Business Bureau website to check and see if there are any complaints that have
been submitted against the exterminator or the company. If there are complaints, check to
see if they were resolved in a timely manner. You also want to make note of any history
of complaints. Ask if the exterminator is a member of the National Pest Control
Association. You also want to be sure that the person coming to your home has the
correct insurance. The exterminator should also be licensed in addition to being insured.
This will cover both the homeowner if anything should happen while the exterminator is
at their home and it covers the exterminator as well. You also want to know if the
company offers protections or guarantees. For example, ask if there a guarantee that the
pests will be permanently removed. If any company or exterminator claims that they will
be permanently removed, this may not be a company that you can trust. This is because
that no matter how strong a pesticide is, it does not offer a permanent solution. Most
exterminators will offer two kinds of contracts. The first type of contract states that the
company will re-treat a pests issue at no extra charge in the event they have already
treated it once and the problem has returned. In the other type of contract, the

exterminator will not only re-treat a pest issue that has already been treated but they will
also take care of any damage in the home caused by the pests returning. Either way, the
contract should state the name of the company, the length of service, the treatment plan,
the pricing and any guarantee. You want to know if you can cancel the contract without
additional penalties.

Depending on the type of pest problem you have will depend on what method is
used to get rid of the problem. First of all, all pesticides being used by the exterminator
must be registered by the Environmental Protection Agency. This agency is responsible
for testing and registering all pesticides. By law, the Environmental Protection Agency is
not allowed to register any pesticide unless it can be utilized according to its label and
label instructions without harming the user, people, domestic animals, pets or their
environments. There are some exterminators who use natural or organic pesticides.
Organic pesticides refer to those that contain carbon. Natural pesticides indicates the
pesticide contains some materials that are natural. Organic-based pesticides indicate the
product contains some organic materials.

One of the most common types of pest control problems in the home is ants. Ants
can cause more damage to homes than termites can. There are several species of ants that
may cause infestation and damage to homes. Many types of ants preferred damp
decaying wood which they utilize to make their nests. Some companies will use a type of
injector to find, flush out and kill the colony of ants. This injector is completely safe to
humans. Another type of problem are cockroaches. Cockroaches adapt well to living
where other people live. The German cockroach is the most common type of cockroach
that hides during the day and eats on a wide range of foods at night. They are mostly
located in kitchens but can also be located in bathrooms and other places that people eat
and drink. Cockroaches are one of them most difficult pests to control. This is because
they grow when the temperatures get warmer. For example, at 70° a cockroach egg will
hatch in 34 days but at 80° it will only take 17 days. An exterminator will apply gel or
baits alongside cracks and crevices where the cockroaches live. Some companies will
take it a step further and apply an insect growth regulator which does not kill the roach
but will either make it so the roach cannot reproduce or will make it so that it blocks the
ability for a no-nadult to turn into an adult. Mice and rats are another big pest control
problem. Some methods for removing mice and rats include baits and blocking off the

If your home requires the help of a professional exterminator, be sure to call a
professional as soon as possible to prevent the pest problem from getting any worse.