I have a few simple tips for you on how you can get rid of pimples fast. This isn't some magic bullet though, it will take you actually doing something to get results! However, they aren't that hard either so you can do it.


Eating More Carrots

More specifically you need more Vitamin A, which is used by a lot of creams to fight pimples by applying it externally. This works but to get the full benefit of the vitamin A you need to eat it, and carrots are a fantastic way to get a lot of vitamin A.


If you do not like carrots then you can take this vitamin as a supplement. I suggest only doing this as a last resort because you don't get the full benefit from a pill as you do eating the food itself. This is because you body only absorbs so much nutrients before it passes it along your digestive track. If you do decide to take supplements then at least take them with a meal so your body digests them better.


Cucumber Juice

Ok so now we have another vegetable here. This time we won't be eating or drinking it. You should take some cucumber juice and rub it on your skin. It will tighten up the pores and help keep oils and bacteria out of your pores. This basically a prevention measure but shrinking pores can help dislodge the current oils from the pores and get rid of them as well.


Wash Your Pillow Cases

This may seem strange to a lot of people because they don't think about it. However, you keep your face on a pillow case for a good 8 hours on a good day at least, right? Well all of your oils and bacteria get all over it and night after night it is building up and actually causing you to get more pimples! This is easily rectified by having a backup set of pillow cases and washing them regularly.



This one is probably the weirdest out of all the other things I have talked about so far. Just bear with me here though, toothpaste fights bacteria and menthol, which is the minty fresh stuff in the toothpaste causes your pores to shrink. Thus it is fantastic at getting rid of current zits and preventing them.


How you do it is before you go to bed put a little dot of toothpaste on your zit and in the morning it should be all dried up. Alternatively you could give yourself a toothpaste facial for a few hours. This should do some serious work on those pimples if you have more than a couple.