Cute Little Skunk?

Although these little creatures are quite cute to look at, they smell awful when they spray you or your pet. They love to come out at night or in the early morning hours, which is why my dogs always seem to be get sprayed by them in the night hours, long after I've finished my daily chores and I have a chance to finally relax.

I go to the door, to let the dogs in. Oh NO!!! That putred smell comes wafting through the doorway. Your heart sinks. Please don't let it be so. Yes, they have been sprayed yet again. Sigh. Not again.

Time to grab the tomato juice (tomato sauce, tomato paste, or spaghetti sauce in a pinch), take the dog by the collar, and proceed to the bathtub. Yes, I prefer to wash them in the bathtub where I can at least be warm while facing the daunting task at hand. Once the dog is in the tub, I pour the juice directly on the area that was sprayed and rub it in good. I let it set on there for a few minutes before rinsing it off with warm water. Afterwards, I give the dog a good shampooing. This may need to be repeated a time or two if the spray was direct and at close range. But, be warned, if the dog "shakes" the tomato juice will be EVERYWHERE. Just keep a firm hold on their neck while bathing, this usually calms them down long enough to get them rinse off good.

I have also heard that you can use 1 quart white vinegar and 1/4 cup baking soda to get rid of the smell. Make a paste and rub it in good. Then rinse. You can shampoo if desired, or just add a little bit of shampoo into the paste.

I have to wonder, how something so adorable can smell so bad...