Have you ever been on the beach or around the pool and seen a guy with chiseled six pack abs walk by. Its not only the women that notices, and you secretly think I wish I had a six pack like that. That guy must spends hours and hour each day doing cardio exercise and working out in the gym. The truth is, to get six pack abs may be a lot simpler than you may think.

getting six pack absIt takes a little work, you can't just drink some magical weight loss drink and have your abs appear overnight. Whatever you do, do not believe the hype surrounding weight loss and fat loss. Do the simple things right and you will quickly be on your way to a six pack that people are going to be jealous of. Let's give you a few quick tips to get you started on your six pack journey.

Tips on getting six pack abs

1) Six packs abs are muscle and they show when the layer of fat that are covering them is low. So our aim should be to build up the lean muscle mass around the stomach area and work at lowering the body fat that is covering them. To do this your diet plan should be high in protein, a good source of protein is whey protein powder. You also need to be feeding your body plenty of carbs and healthy fats which are going to help fuel your hard and intense workouts.

2) Your cardio workouts should be high intensity to help speed up that sluggish metabolism. Which will lead to more fat loss. Lots of fitness experts suggest long and low pace cardio workouts for fat loss, but taking this route will quickly sap your motivation. Who wants to be sat on an exercise bike for over an hour every workout that you do. Twenty minutes high intensity workouts are the key to long term fat loss results.

Final tip on getting six pack abs

3) Lifting weights will also help in getting those six pack abs to show, when you train most upper body part muscles, you are also hitting the ab muscles. Some people can gain chiseled six pack abs without ever doing a single crunch or sit up, because they are eating the right foods, lowing their body fat with high intensity cardio exercise and gaining lean muscle mass by training heavy and hard with weights.

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