Where to Grow the Plants

  • Identify your microclimates.  Sometimes you can't help where the container will reside, because it is on a patio. Different areas can possibly get more light depending on the time of the day.
  • The intensity of sunlight in the area will help you pick what type of plant can be planted in the container.
  • Remember, container gardens can be moved around.  If it isn't working in a particular area then move it.

What to Grow the Plants In

  • Choose the pot size by what you want to grow in it.  Vegetables like carrots will need more room to grow down than Bell Peppers.
  • There must be enough drainage so the water doesn't pool at the bottom.
9 Inch Ecogardener Planter

9 inch EcoGardener Planter

Whiskey Barrel Planter

Whiskey Barrel Planter

What Soil To Use In The Planter

  • Soil mixes with peat moss in them will help retain moisture.
  • Perlite and vermiculite will allow for good drainage.
  • If the soil mix doesn't have time release fertilizer, some should be added before planting.
Potting Soil Mix

MiracleGro Potting Mix

Figuring Out How To Get Water To The Plants

  • If there isn't easy access to water,an automatic drip watering system should be used. There is always a chance that you will forget to water on the scheduled time.
  • If you're lucky and can use a container irrigation system. There are ones that hook into a lawn irrigation system, water spigot, and ones that are stand alone and have their own resevior.

How To Choose The Plants

  • The MOST IMPORTANT THING TO REMEMBER IS.... plant what you like and will grow with the amount of sun the containers will get.
  • If growing vegetables, try to plant varieties that will produce a lot.  Plants like tomatoes and peppers are good where there is a lot of sun.
  • Get the most bang for your buck by planting herbs.  A small container of herbs can cost about $3 at the grocery store.  You can harvest leaves from a $3 basil seedling for months.
  • If you buy seedlings and don't grow your plants from seed, shop at a local garden center.  They will carry plants that grow well in your region.