Infobarrel is One of the Best Revenue Sharing Sites

Infobarrel(120928)Credit: Javrsmith

Infobarrel is a great content publishing site which accepts articles from member authors. Each article is displayed with various forms of advertising which enables the web site to earn revenue. The received funds are split between the author of the article and the site administrators. The formula allows authors to earn up to 90% of the revenue generated by their articles. This high level of sharing is perhaps unequalled in the Internet publishing area.

Getting Started by Signing Up
A new Infobarrel author needs to sign up for an account. This involves selecting a username and password and providing an email address. The address must be valid as it is verified before any further interaction with the site is made. The username can be practically anything, but discretion should be used by the new member. Pick a username which is easily remembered by you. A username that you have at other sites may be used at Infobarrel as well but the one that you choose must not have been registered already, of course. Some authors prefer to use their real name, or a variation of it, while others use a pen name or other contrived value. The choice is (practically) up to you.

The Main Point is Google Adsense
The primary advertising revenue source is the Google Adsense program, specifically the content advertising network. To fully participate, an Infobarrel author must have an Adsense account already. This involves an application process with Google. New authors should note that they must have a portfolio of articles available for Google to review before the application is processed. In the past, new authors were advised to register for a Blogger account, publish at least 10 articles of 500 words before applying for an Adsense account. Google has changed the requirements as of 2012. Now an Adsense account obtained through a Blogger account is only valid for articles published on Blogger. Using the same account with Infobarrel requires a subsequent application process. Still, it can be useful to establish the Blogger account in order to get the preliminary Adsense account. You could then publish 10 or more articles elsewhere and have your Adsense account upgraded.

Beginners Publishing On Infobarrel
New authors should note that their first articles published on Infobarrel will be evaluated by staff prior to being activated on the site. This is to ensure a higher degree of quality and to combat the very pervasive amount of spam which is a general plague on the Internet. If a new author writes high quality articles, the review process should not be a big issue. It will, however, cause delays before the article is live. The site operates in Canada so articles are reviewed during standard Canadian business days. If there is a large amount of articles to be reviewed, an additional delay should be expected. Any article submitted on a weekend will obviously wait with all of the others in the queue.

Getting Your First Articles Approved
Articles published by new authors are subject to reviews by site administrators to ensure that the work is of sufficient quality. Well written content is a must. As well, the articles must adhere to the site guidelines as expressed in the terms of service. Essentially, no hateful, incendiary or adult topics are permitted. The site works in conjunction with the Google Adsense program so any restrictions imposed there also pertain to Infobarrel. Most authors do not have any trouble complying with the content guidelines. Browse some of the existing articles to get a sense of what is allowed.

Every article published on Infobarrel must be an original piece which is authorized for publication by the author. They may be written by the author directly or they may be purchased and then published. If purchased, the owner must ensure that they have full rights to the work. Of course the original author must not publish the article elsewhere at a later date. Some authors have used articles written some time ago in their portfolio. University students, for example, can publish their academic work electronically if they so desire. They should take steps to ensure that their work has not already been published at their school or within an electronic forum showing highlights of student work at the school.

Quoting Other Sources
If an article quotes other online articles, the author should be careful to properly attribute the quote to the original author. As well, such inclusions should be quite minimal. While a brief sentence or phrase would be acceptable, a longer paragraph might not be. If in doubt, the Infobarrel author should reduce their reliance on quoted material. A good alternative might be to include the main sentence of the reference and then a paraphrased summary of the additional material. This is particularly true of new authors who are subject to having all of their initial articles reviewed. If an article is rejected due to the inclusion of quoted material, the author should strip most of the offending text out.

Obtaining Pre-Approved Infobarrel Author Status
In time, a new Infobarrel author will be granted pre-approved status. This means that subsequent article submissions will not be subject to review before publication. This status is only granted to authors who have a consistent level of quality on a significant number of articles. While this has been granted to some authors after as few as 10 published articles, others have had to publish many more. Be aware that any articles that are rejected will adversely affect the author's promotion to pre-approved status. While quality writing should be submitted at all times, the new authors should be especially careful during their review period. Note that the review process applies to article revisions as well. Except for blatant errors, and revisions of rejected articles, new authors should minimize the amount of revisions that they submit for their articles.

Moving Ahead With Infobarrel
As a author, you can write articles that cover a wide variety of topics. All Infobarrel articles are reviewed by Internet search engines quickly. The site performs well in the content network so authors typically find that their work ranks well on searches. Strive to write quality articles and you may find that you can earn a significant amount of money with Infobarrel.