As seasoned anglers we have all learned that structure is a key element in finding where fish live and hide in any particular body of water.  If fishing isn't new to you the concept of knowing that cover gathers and holds bait fish may seem strange.  The  forage attracts the predator fish and that is what you are seeking..  Lures made commercially that are thrown in this debris can, and often do get snagged.  The angler breaks the line and then there goes more money spent in order to replace the lost item(s).  So to avoid break offs anglers just do not fish these areas.  They may be missing out on a chance to catch that once in a lifetime fish by doing this.  These fishermen just simply void themselves of many great opportunities to catch more fish.  It all comes down to saving fishing tackle vs. doing what you should by putting your baits into that cover.  To curtail this problem many anglers have taken up the art of making their own fishing lures.  This is done in an effort to defray a portion of the cost associated with buying commercially made fishing lures.  In short, doing it yourself saves money.  Then too there is a certain gratification achieved by fooling a fish on something that you constructed.

Most of the projects that I embark upon are designed to be very simple.  Easy to master tasks will quickly give you confidence and add a sense of accomplishment to your fishing.  This is especially true when you catch a fish on a lure that you have designed and constructed all by yourself.  Spinners, Buzz baits, crank baits, top water lures, jerk baits, and soft plastics are all types of lures that can be built with a minimal amount of skill and effort.  There are many helpful videos on the internet which are used to help you get you started making these different kinds of lures yourself.  Janns Netcraft is one of the companies that has a web site designed to sell you what you may need.  This vendor sells a variety of components used to construct many different types of fishing tackle.  Here is a link to their website: .  There is always someone handy by the phone to answer any questions that may arise.  First time lure builders usually have many questions and these people will gladly answer them.

Just Add Split Rings & HooksCredit: Raymond E

Allow me now to suggest that you purchase a few crank bait bodies.  This will be a modest start to your first venture in tackle making.  All that needs to be done for completing this task is attaching the split rings and placing the treble hooks.  For doing this you will need to purchase a pair of split ring pliers.  These are used to make the task of adding the split rings easier.  

Split Ring PliersCredit: Raymond E

In doing this you will not save you a ton of money.  It will however on these particular kinds of baits give you a great start on crafting your own fishing tackle. The only issue that is stopping anyone from enjoying this rewarding hobby is you!  Go ahead and take the plunge into the remarkable world of building the fish catching lures you've always wanted but couldn't afford.