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Getting Started with Google Television - What You Need to Know

Starting with the 2010 holiday season, Google television will be available for all high browed techies and lo-fi couch potatoes alike. Google television is a new interactive media experience that aims to combine the best elements of the web and traditional television viewing into one unique synergistic experience. In recent years, with the booming of internet technology seeming to eclipse all prior forms of content distribution, like regular old TV, television manufacturers and traditional broadcast companies have been scrambling to shore up their positions in the rapidly shifting entertainment marketplace. Somewhat surprisingly, however, traditional television done anything but fall off the face of the earth. Even though the internet savvy population can find their favorite television series, often without commercials, and their favorite movies online and available for instant streaming, the fact remains that there are roughly 5 billion television users on our planet.

Perhaps even more staggering is the statistic that Americans spend an average of five hours per day watching television. Given these two tidbits of information, you can understand why Google television visionaries are hoping to capitalize on this tremendous market and, in so doing, bridge something of a generational gap still separating many technophobic consumers from its primary home - the internet. Google television is being designed as a fully interactive and customizable hybrid between an internet browsing session and a traditional fit of boob-tube viewing. Google television users will be able to design and customize their own google television "homepage" which they will initially see upon starting up their TV. To this homepage, the google television user can pin or bookmark their favorite internet television channels, their e-mail inbox, and some of their favorite websites.

Google television will be pushing hard to characterize itself via this multi-functional layout: you can watch your favorite episode of The Office or 30 Rock while chatting with your friends at the bottom of the screen or perusing your office e-mails in the corner. This multi-functionality will, obviously, require some special innovations in terms of remote controls, and we can expect to see some remote control / keyboard hybrids hitting the mass market soon after Google television establishes its initial foothold.

Another exciting aspect of the Google television launch is Google's assurance that it will be compatible with all current television sets from the get-go. We're not yet sure exactly what form a Google television installation will take, but it is exciting to know that all current television setups will be able to receive google television and start delivering TV entertainment with the intelligence and searchability of the web. To this end, Google is promising that Google television will be compatible with all current television, cable, satellite and internet arrangements! This comprehensive compatibility will be a crucial element of Google television's success, allowing people to purchase it for their friends and relatives with the confidence that their loved one's will be able to use Google television with their home entertainment center as soon as they receive it!

The future is certainly bright for this new product, though it remains to be seen exactly how well it will perform in today's troubled marketplace.

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