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On TV these days you tend to see a lot of coverage about remote controlled racing cars or more specifically the track races that involve the cars. So what is the attraction when it comes to these mini vehicles? RC racing is a great spectacle, and the super advanced handling mechanics and high speed involved make is great fun to watch.

As well as these mini vehicles being great fun to watch racing, they are even more fun to drive. SO what do you need to know before buying your first RC vehicle? The first thing that you should know is that they come in two basic models – nitro and battery powered.

Nitro models are a lot faster, but also a lot more expensive too. I wouldn't recommend going straight out and buying a Nitro model straight away because of the high cost involved. As well as the high cost you will also need to buy fuel to run the car off, and again this can quickly get expensive.

On the plus side, these nitro models are very fast compared to battery powered models. If you are wondering what the cost is, consider that to get a decent model you would have to pay at least $500 – not a drop in the ocean when it comes to your finances.

On the flip side, a battery powered model such as the basic model of the Traxxas Stampede is cheap to run and a lot less to buy initially. The total cost for a lithium powered model that has a basic ESC (electronic speed control) is about $220, but you will never have to buy fuel for the car since you can charger it up from an electric socket.

Given the choice of a Traxxas Bandit RC car versus a 4x4 Stampede, go for the 4 wheel drive version if it is your first car, since the suspension is a lot more rugged and advanced when compared to the Bandit, which is not designed to be run to be run off-road for extended periods of time.

One thing to be careful about when you first purchase an RC car is to watch out for curbs on the street, as they can quickly damage your RC car if you should crash into them. The steering servos will break upon impact, and you will end up having to replace them.

There are a lot of other models on the market too, so you don't have to limited to Traxxas models. If it is your first car just make sure that you go for an off-road version as they are more versatile, and go for a lithium powered model as they are cheaper yet they are still very fast.