Tangles are not just the problem of little girls and those with long hair. Being sick in bed for any length of time can ruin any style. Summer sun and spring winds all damage and mess hair into tangles.  Having fine, straight hair no matter what the length can be a knot magnet.

Whatever the reason for snarls, here's some suggestions to untangle them painlessly and make daily styling a pleasure. Even if you don't have straight, fine hair, you may find these tips helpful. Use on dry or wet hair.

All you need is a wide tooth comb, your favorite conditioner, and a large clip. One note is that you don't need a heavy or greasy conditioner. The lest expensive conditioner from the grocery store may even work the best for this method of getting out tangles.

Apply about a dime size amount of the conditioner right on the tangle.

Massage the conditioner gently into the tangled knot between your thumb and fingers.

Rub the same amount of conditioner between your hands and then gently smooth over the rest of the hair.

Leave the conditioner in the hair. This is why you don't want a heavy conditioner. It leaves the hair looking greasy if you don't rinse it out.

Move the top hair out-of-the-way, and hold it back with a large clip to comb the underneath first. If it is difficult to separate the top because it is entangled with the hair underneath, don't worry about separating it.

Start at the bottom tips gently combing through the hair that is not tangled up to the knot. Work from the ends up and from the bottom to the top. So the underneath and ends of the hair will become untangled first.

Don't pull on the knot. Instead, gently separate it with your hands if the comb is getting stuck too much. Pulling the knot not only causes pain to the person with the knot, but it also rips and damages the hair, so it gets tangled more easily.

Drop down a bit more hair to untangle if you clipped the top hair out-of-the-way. If not, keep gently working up the hair shaft.

Always try to comb a little at a time without pulling at the knot. Use short strokes when combing from the bottom. As you release the tangles, you'll be able to gradually use longer strokes combing through the hair from the scalp through the ends.

Another reason to avoid pulling the tangled hair is because it will make the knot tighter.

When the comb hits a knot of hair, stop. Softly work the comb at the bottom of the knot. If this is difficult, massage  more conditioner to the tangle. Sometimes just the action of massaging the conditioner into the tangle makes the hair slippery, and the tangle slips apart for the smooth combing.