Are you in the process of building a new home for your family or renovating your current one? When making your decision, it is important to remember that natural stone doesn’t provide you with the same uniformity that other materials (such as concrete and bricks) do, but they do offer a distinct beauty that is unparalleled. If you have decided that natural sandstone will be the perfect addition to the construction – either in the form of a patio, flooring or even bench tops – you will require the assistance of a reputable sandstone supplier. 

As a naturally occurring material, it is important to keep in mind that sandstone can vary greatly in both appearance and strength from one slab or tile to the next. Whilst these inconsistencies can make it quite difficult to find a slab or tiles that meet the requirements of your home, they do provide the stone with a certain uniqueness that lies at the soul of their appeal. With the advice of an experienced and reputable supplier, you can arrange your sandstone in a way that embraces its slightly changing hues. 

On top of their undeniable beauty, the use of sandstone as a flooring material and even as wall cladding offers the homeowner a number of advantages. Some of these include: 

  • Sandstone is naturally water and heat resistant, making it the ideal choice for bathrooms, kitchens and the outdoors alike. You don’t have to worry about dripping all over the floor when you get out of the shower or accidentally putting a hot pan onto the bench, as this will not cause the surface any sort of damage.
  • Sandstone is extremely easy to maintain, not to mention the fact that it is also extremely cost effective to take care of. Providing that you regularly undertake a few simple maintenance tasks, you will find that the material lasts you a number of years without any issues.
  • It is an extremely durable material. When used as floor tiles, it can handle great physical stress without fear of cracking. Keep in mind, however, that the tiles will not be consistent and that each will be able to withstand heavy traffic in varying degrees. Sandstone suppliers will generally rate or classify their stock according to hardness.
  • Sandstone is available in a wide range of colours, designs, textures and finishes. If you want a rough and earthy appearance or a smooth and glossy one, there is sure to be a natural stone product out there to meet your needs entirely.
  • Sandstone blends in seamlessly with many different types of décor, ensuring that the desired ambience of your home can be achieved. The material is the perfect choice for homes that have been done in any style, from modern to contemporary. 

If you are in the process of renovating your home or you are currently building one, you should consider the ways that natural stone can add to the appearance and functionality of the building. If you think that this is a design path that you would like to take, you should contact a sandstone supplier today to find out more about the ways they can help. Not only will your home hold a unique aesthetic appeal that is unachievable with other materials, you will be bringing the great outdoors in.