At some stage in our lives we will probably need the services of data recovery experts to recover lost/deleted data from any one of the electronic devices we use these days. This article highlights what they can fix, how to find a good company and some things to do to reduce the risk of more damage to the hardware.

Recoverable Events

Electronic recovery is usually possible using applications when customers wish to get back deleted files/emails or data from a formatted/corrupted drive.

Mechanical recovery may prove trickier as data recovery experts only resort to this approach if the hardware has had some form of physical damage done to it.

Forensic services may also be provided where emails, documents or data may need to be extracted. This is basically data extraction with some additional analysis.

All forms of electronic devices can have their data recovered. Hard drives and flash memory share the FAT format so can prove the easiest to extract the data. Other types of memory, voice recorders, MP3 players and other devices may run on different formatting but should still be accessible by the experts.

Finding The Right Service

Shop around for data recovery experts in golden pages or online. Choosing a local firm is fine if they are experts in recovering data from the hardware brand you need help with. Some firms cover shipping costs so that should be less of a concern anyway (if your data is invaluable then the cost of UPS shouldn't be a problem).

Costs vary from 100 US dollars to 400+ depending on the product and what needs to be done to recover the data. Charges will be based on initial diagnosis, electronic recovery and mechanical recovery (if necessary; also the priciest element of the process). It is fairly standard now for most to wave their fee if data cannot be recovered.

Preparation For Shipping The Faulty Hardware

It would be a shame for more damage to be done to your hardware before the data recovery experts get a chance to salvage anything. To this end, do not use the computer if you want deleted/lost files to be recovered as continued usage can overwrite the files. Do not try to disassemble the components if physical damage occurred and do not use any form of heat source to dry them out (if water damaged).

Package the components in anti-static bags and foam padding to reduce the change of damage in transit (do not use paper for padding or bubble wrap as this does not securely contain the hardware).