Getting The Most Out Of Your Perfume Or Cologne

The way that you smell plays a significant role in the impression that you leave others with. I mean, somebody who smells like a bed of roses is more likely to be remembered in a better way than somebody who smells like a pool of sweat. Although the way in which you smell is not the only factor contributing to how people perceive you, it is definitely one of the most impactful factors as your sense of smell is the way in which you remember things (or people for this matter) the most! With that being said, a small collection of perfumes or colognes can significantly benefit you in many ways.

With perfumes and colognes becoming rather expensive as their uses become more popular, it is important to ensure that you get the full use of your spent dollars. Some of the most popular perfumes and colognes can have a price tag that is upwards of $100 for a medium sized bottle; you have to work rather hard to make that $100, so it only follows that you would like to get as much use out of that perfume or cologne bottle as possible.

This article will provide you with simple tips and tricks that will allow you to get the most out of your perfume or cologne. You may choose to utilize whichever ones fit your needs best; however, if you choose to utilize them all, you can get close to an additional 25 percent out of each bottle of perfume or cologne. That is like getting an extra $25 back from each bottle about getting the most out of your perfume or cologne!

Always Put The Lid On

The lid plays a large role in getting the most out of your perfume or cologne; its effects cannot be seen, but are greater than you can imagine. At first glance, you may think the lid on a bottle of perfume or cologne solely plays an aesthetic role; however, when understanding the physics of it you will realize that its functional purposes are priceless. When you are placing the lid on a bottle of your favourite perfume or cologne, you are doing more than making it look good; you are creating an airtight seal within the spraying nozzle of the bottle. When the lid is left off of the bottle, as much as 4 percent of the total volume of perfume or cologne can escape over a period of a year. By simply placing the lid on top of the bottle of perfume or cologne, you are saving yourself nearly 4 percent over the life of the spray! That 4 percent could mean an extra 5-10 uses depending upon how you use the perfume or cologne. Place the lid on your bottle and help get the most out of your perfume or cologne.

Don't Let The Nozzle Complete The Spray

When most people spray their perfume or cologne to the fullest extent that the nozzle can be depressed, they do not realize in essence that they are wasting a good portion of their perfume or cologne. This may take a few tries to get a hang of, but the next time you are going to spray your perfume or cologne, only depress the nozzle to about 75 percent of its fullest extent. By doing this you are only using 75 percent of what you had originally used; the beauty of this trick is that the 25 percent difference in spray is not significant enough to be noticed by the human nose. You can do a test if you would like: spray one of your arms with a full spray, and spray the other arm with 75 percent of the previous spray. After smelling both arms you will soon realize that the smell is just as strong on the lesser sprayed arm as it is on the fully sprayed arm. You will be able to spray about 33 percent more (the new full percentage: 75 divided by the saved amount percentage: 25 equals the additional amount percentage 33) perfume or cologne by doing this!

Spread The Spray

This is the most overlooked trick in regards to getting the most out of your perfume or cologne; however, it only applies to people that spray multiple times, and spray only on their body. I have seen many of my friends before going out, and have witnessed them spray as much as 7 times throughout their body. Not only is does this create a smell that is entirely too strong, but it is also a waste of their perfume or cologne. A simple way to get the most out of your perfume or cologne is to use one spray to cover multiple areas. For instance, imagine that you usually spray yourself three times with your perfume or cologne; once on your neck, and the others on your right and left wrists. Now imagine that you used only one spray on your right wrist, and rubbed that wrist on your left wrist and neck while the perfume and cologne was still wet. The second method would produce nearly the same smell in the same areas, yet would use only one third of the original amount of perfume or cologne. Spreading the spray, when used effectively, can be the best and most efficient way to get the most out of your perfume or cologne.

Perfumes and colognes can be quite costly; and although they can make you smell phenomenal, they can also run up a budget if you like a variety of smells. You have definitely worked hard to earn the money that you have used to buy that perfume bottle, so I am sure that you will want to do everything in your power to get the most return out of that hard earned money. There are a wide variety of methods to significantly increase the life and usage of your perfumes and colognes; this article lists the three most popular, and least difficult methods. Getting the most out of your perfumes and colognes can be a simple task if you are willing to slightly alter your usual ways; utilize these methods, and you will surely get the most out of your spent money.