Getting The Perfect Tan

It is a known fact that people look a lot better with a tan than without one. This is mainly because it smoothes out the lines, and enhances the curves that they have on their face and around their body. However, this is only true when people have a good tan; a bad tan will simply decrease how good they look.

Getting a tan is sort of an "all or nothing" type of either get a perfect tan, or don't bother getting one at all. Getting a perfect tan involves more than simply lying down in the sun, but definitely is not as difficult as you may think. Getting a perfect tan is basically about laying down in the sun; however, it is about laying down in the sun in an organized and fashioned manner!

Getting a perfect tan that will greatly enhance your look can be done relatively easily with the proper knowledge and skills. You can also do it in a relatively subconscious manner as many of these tips barely involve doing anything other than laying down in the sun. If you use the tips provided in this article to your advantage you will easily be able to impress your friends with the tan that you have gotten from simply laying down in your backyard. Wouldn't you like to be asked "where did you go on vacation" when the only real place that you went was on your lawn beside your shed?

Get A Base

In order to get a perfect tan you must ensure that you do not get burned; burns on your skin can last for up to a week and can single handedly ruin your perfect tan. Your goal should be to slowly and surely increase the amount of time that you spend in the sun so that you can give your skin ample time to adjust to the heated conditions. Think about how a hamburger reacts when you suddenly place it on a scorching barbeque grill as opposed to slowly heating the beef up; this is the same effect that an immediate overdose of sun has on your skin when you do not take the time to get a base tan. Ensure that you allow your body to get a base before baking in the sun for too long and you will have no problem getting a perfect tan.

Tan Evenly

Everyone dreads the legendary farmer's tan where the lower portion of your arm fades into the higher with a black to white gradient. One of the overall goals of getting a perfect tan is to have one solid color being continuous throughout your body. I'm sure that nobody carries a stop watch on them when they tan, so it is nearly impossible to tan to the exact same color throughout your whole body; in addition to the time, there are various factors that we can't control such as sun intensity, angle, and cloud density. However, with the right techniques, you can get extremely close to one solid color, which will allow you to have a perfect tan. A trick that is commonly used is playing songs while you tan, which most people do anyways. Most songs are about the same length, so you should count each song as one unit. Ensure that each area of your body receives sun for the same amount of song units and you will be on your way to getting a perfect tan.

Use Tanning Oils

Many people think that tanning oils are overrated; however, it should be known that they were developed to assist you in getting a perfect tan. They contain chemicals and ingredients that allow your skin to absorb the sun more efficiently, more evenly, and at a faster rate. The key when using tanning oils is to spread it evenly amongst your body. I would not recommend using a tanning oil until you have gotten a base because the increased sun absorption could cause you to get burned, which would in return ruin your attempt at getting a perfect tan. Use the current technology contained in tanning oils to your advantage and allow them to assist you in getting a perfect tan.

Move Or Remove Your Clothing

We all know that not everyone is comfortable with tanning on a nude beach; however, the fact of the matter is that somebody tanning in their full length shorts will not be getting a perfect tan. This is not to say that you have to remove all of your clothing, but you should try to remove as much of it as possible. In addition, whatever clothing that is not removed should be moved around as often as possible to ensure that you don't get any tan lines. A common example of this is when women alternate which side of their bikini that they untie when they tan on their stomach and on their back. Tan line can ruin a tan; move or remove your clothing to avoid tan lines and be on your way to getting a perfect tan.

Tanning can be an enjoyable activity as it gives you a chance to relax and think; furthermore, the results of tanning, when done properly, can be very aesthetically rewarding. A few extra steps can be taken in order for you to get a perfect tan; use them whenever you can and let your friends' jaws drop to the floor when they ask you where you went on vacation when the only place that you travelled was to your backyard!